Advanced Neutral Snow Foam is a brand new PH neutral formula that clings to your vehicle and cleans like an alkaline. According to Valet PRO it is ‘the best product they’ve ever made’, and that’s quite a statement from one of Europe’s fastest growing car care companies.

Advanced Neutral Snow Foam is a highly concentrated solution (1:30 pump sprayer, 1:300 foam lance attachment final dilution) that allows car enthusiasts with a lance attachment or garden sprayer to take their detailing game to the next level, producing a thick and clingy foam with supercharged cleaning power capable of removing bugs, tree sap, road grime, bird muck, salt without agitation, cleansing your paintwork in preparation for shampoo.

The purpose is simple, reducing the physical contact between you and your vehicle and allowing the product to get on with the job of cleaning, which in turn means less swirl marks and scratches and thus a superior and longer lasting finish. In fact, on a test I did on one of my cars, it was impressive and removed lots of grime, meaning that the shampooing process was much reduced taking just minutes.

In addition, when used neat it can be used on all types of alloy wheel regardless of finish and will remove and loosen everything from brake dust to dirt deposits without scrubbing, again with an emphasis on a reduction of contact. That means dependant on dilution, it can be used to clean your entire car, and if you own a pressure washer, without touching it!

Advanced Neutral Snow Foam has been specifically engineered to keep waxes and sealants in place, which means you can get to work safe in the knowledge that any protective layers you’ve added will remain intact. That’s less work for you and a more impressive vehicle finish guaranteed.

Advanced Neutral Snow Foam is available now in 5-litre retail (£29.99) and 1-litre (£11.99) containers so everyone from enthusiasts to traders can get in on the action.

To purchase or watch a video of the product in action simply log onto ValetPRO’s website, listed below at ENDS.