With the ‘new’ Donington show taking place this weekend, tkc mag/totalkitcar will commemorate the event with a SPECIAL AWARD trophy to be presented over the weekend to an owner or manufacturer of particular merit in our estimation.

Rather than go the ‘Junior Darts Player 1996’ plastic trophy or something quite predictable I fell upon the perfect thing while clearing the shed out a few weeks back. For some reason I have acquired a collection of old hubcaps – in this case belonging to a thirties Vauxhall Big Six or Vanden Plas Princess.

A light-bulb went off in my head. Having recently visited ORA Technologies in Bristol and been completely blown away by their plating and polishing abilities, I reckoned that we’d get them to refurbish one of the old and battered Vauxhall hubcaps. Initially, Gary and Jeremy Self (ORA’s brotherly partners) thought I was taking the mick but once I explained the reasons they warmed to the idea.

So it was that I dispatched one old hubcap to them for a bit of magic to be weaved. The full story on them and the hubcap’s adventure will appear in tkc mag November/December issue but suffice to say the guys did a fantastic job, breathing new life into the old chrome-on-brass cap. Actually, the centre screw ended-up plated in 22 carat gold!

We’ve ended up with a trophy that is really different but beautifully refurbed and something that the eventual winner will hopefully be proud to own.

If you have a chroming, plating or polishing requirement, you may be aware that your options are a bit limited, with lots of nasty inferior chrome around that lasts five minutes or the price for a quality job will be exhorbitant. UNTIL NOW that is…ORA Technologies do a great job and don’t charge the earth. You tell them what you want chromed (nickel, chrome, copper, silver or gold) and they’ll be happy to quote. Tell ‘em we sent you…

Big thanks to Gary and Jeremy at ORA Technologies in Bristol. Platers and chromers par excellence...

www.ora-technologies.co.uk or 0117 953 2255 ENDS.