Formulated from a high concentration of pure, north Brazilian carnauba, natural luxury oils and the finest blend of ingredients, Muc-Off Über Wax changes the rules when it comes to deep gloss protection so be prepared for a show winning shine!

The only thing more amazing than the shine it gives your car is just how easy Über Wax is to use! Despite having such a high percentage of carnauba wax, Muc-Off Über Wax is almost effortless to apply and buffs off smoothly to reveal an unrivalled deep gloss and protective concours finish.

Über Wax is Muc-Off’s most technically advanced wax to date, and it creates a hydrophobic finish which is exceptionally resistant to road salts, harmful UV rays, acid rain and industrial fallout. Über Wax doesn’t contain any abrasives so it’s suitable on all paint types and colours with the kit available at £80

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