Wrapping a car’s body has long been popular within the modified car world and thanks to the work and quality products of Tamworth-based, Grafityp it looks like being a good area for kitcar owners, too.

Grafityp’s automotive films enable you to choose a creative and even personal design for your car’s body, ideal if you want to promote your company, for example, while they can just as well supply a plain film, if you prefer for sticking on your Ultima, Cobra replica or whatever.

Finishes are myriad from carbon-look, to mirror, to leather, brushed aluminium and even stripes that change colour depending on the angle. The company doesn’t fit the wrapping material, but can offer the materials or supply details of recommended fitters in your area.

It certainly costs a lot less than a conventional paint finish although a wrap has the benefit of protecting the car’s bodywork all the time it is in place, meaning no stone chips or other blemishes.

More information from www.grafityp.co.uk or 01827 300 500 ENDS.