Honda’s S2000 (F20a) engine is a reliable and powerful unit that has proved itself both in the Honda model is was made for and also in kitcars, racecars and as an engine transplant into many different marques and models.

The new ITB throttle body kit from Jenvey Dynamics will give this engine a substantial power increase and the kit includes four SF51/4.5/1 taper throttle bodies (ITBs), a Jenvey Dynamics EFI inlet manifold, fuel rail and four 83mm long air-horns.

Jenvey throttle bodies and all the company’s accessories are engineered specifically to cope with the rigours of motorsport, offering excellent performance, reliability, lightness and value.

The Jenvey CKHA05 kit is ideal for road, track or rally use and can be used in Honda S2000s, kitcars, racecars and transplants.

The complete Jenvey conversion kit retails at £1288.80 inc VAT with more details from or via 01746 768 810 ENDS.