I recently paid a visit to Furore Cars, in South Benfleet, the company run by Russ Bost.

The tandem-seat, Formula 1™ car lookalike certainly attracts attention, as I discovered on the way to our photoshoot and by the time we arrived there we had motorcyclists, van drivers and a host of other motorists tagged-on behind.

It’s not just looks that make it stand out however, as in action, it’s a very capable vehicle based on Toyota MR2 mechanicals and you can opt to use the 4A-GE engine from the donor or for the ultimate ‘hit’ the Kawasaki ZZR-1400 (aka ZX-14), which not only gives fierce performance but also the correct audio soundtrack.

I’m very privileged to drive lots of ‘outside the norm’ vehicles doing this job (after all, life is too short to drive boring cars!), which thankfully are now of a high standard, un-recognisable to some of the downright scary contraptions I was presented with 25-years ago. Back then many people took the view, I’m sure, that as long as the car looked ‘different’ that was OK, with no consideration to how it drove and held together (a Magenta with flamethrowing V8 driven by a Scottish lumberjack, anyone?)…

Sure, some of the hilarity has disappeared as a result, but where safety is concerned and one’s mortality becomes a factor with age (as well as that of others) today’s specialist cars are, in the main, excellent, pure driving machines that always put a smile on my face.

When driving the Furore F1 though, you’ll burst out laughing at its audacity, its visual impact and just because it exists. At one point I was following Russ in my Audi and couldn’t believe the reaction it received. Young boys jumping up and down, dustmen tipping their bins on the floor rather than into their carts and even a bloke, out walking his dog, almost being run-over by a distracted council grass-cutting operative perched on motorised lawnmower. A proper commotion, or even perhaps, a furore!

Anyway, back to the Furore and the kit package comes in at £4080 and gets you all the essentials you need to get building including beefy spaceframe chassis, 11-piece GRP bodywork pack and anti-corrosion-treated oval tube wishbones. This means that a self-build example could be completed from around £8000, with 4A-GE engine or about £4000 extra for the bike-engined variant…

If you prefer, Russ and his assistant, Gary Beamish will build you a turnkey example from £19,200 inc VAT (track) or from £21,600 inc VAT for a road-legal version.

More information from www.furorecars.co.uk or 07905 879 407 ENDS.