Synionic, the lubricant brand behind many of the UK’s most successful tuners and race teams, has launched a new range of ultra-high performance lubricants aimed specifically at the competition and trackday markets.

The new range, easily identifiable by its ‘Race Specification’ branding, has been developed from Synionic’s existing range.

Most of the field-testing for the new product range has been undertaken in the gruelling arena of Time Attack, where 900bhp, small displacement engines are the norm and components are placed under the kind of stresses that would never normally be seen under even the most ardent competition usage. The result? Two of last year’s UK champions won their titles on Synionic oils.

Although understandably coy about the precise change to the new ‘Race Specification’ range, Synionic’s Marketing Director Mike Purchase says: “These new lubricants have been created to handle extremes of pressure and temperature – so are ideal for those engaged in Motorsport. We chose Time Attack as our test bed simply because its open regulations allow for incredible engineering to shine through. Most BTCC cars have around 300bhp, but many Time Attack cars, of around the same weight, can have at least two or three times that – and often 4WD too. These cars make much bigger temperatures and forces compared to almost any other form of circuit-based ‘Tin Top’ motorsport, so it has allowed us to gain invaluable data when developing this new programme.”

The new range includes engine and gearbox oils in all popular grades and weights. Teams can also order a bespoke specification to precisely meet their needs with very sensible minimum order quantities. Synionic can also provide an oil analysis service between events to help technicians to learn where gains can be made and which wear metals are transferring into the lubricant – and at what rate.

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