After a long, happy and successful career with leading driveline manufacturer, Tran-x, the now former CEO and driving force of the brand, Dan Jones, has decided to launch his own operation, 3JDriveline.

The industry was surprised when parent company ASE (Auto Sport Engineering) announced the closure of Tran-x and the subsequent sale of the business to Quaife Engineering.

We asked former CEO Dan Jones for comment:

“Being at Tran-x has been the happiest years of my working life so far and after almost 13-years I’m proud to say that we had developed the Tran-x brand and products into something that Quaife felt was worth buying and I really do wish them every success with it.

Leaving Tran-x was not an easy decision and at that point I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I felt it was time to take control of my life.

Once I had the time to think, I explored starting my own business, but when an opportunity arose to acquire shares in a company that would enable me to actually do it the answer became obvious. Now I intend to build my own brand and a range of products that exceed anything I’ve done before, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

3J Driveline will be producing a range of Driveline components including limited slip diffs,  crown-wheel and pinions, half-shafts, steering racks, flywheels and gears.

We wish Dan every success and wait in anticipation for a product release date.

If you have any queries and would like to contact Dan directly you can call him on 01926 650 426 or look out for their pending website at ENDS.