Quaife Engineering, the renowned automotive high performance transmission specialist, is delighted to announce the production launch of an in-line gearbox featuring seven forward gears – a first for the firm. Called the QBE89G, the seven-speed unit debuted in prototype form at the Autosport show in January 2012 and is now in full production, having passed its extensive bench and field-testing programme.

The innovative seven-speed layout fulfils market demands from specialist sportscar manufacturers and motorsport customers requiring an in-line sequential transmission with ultra close ratios. This format ideally suits the demands of front-engined, rear wheel drive cars running small capacity engines with a narrow power band.

Lightweight construction and user adaptability were key criteria during Quaife’s design of the QBE89G, so the structure of the transmission is a lightweight alloy two-piece casing that reduces the unit’s overall weight to just 33kg. For easy installation into a wide variety of front-engined, rear wheel drive machinery, the QBE89G uses a quill type input shaft.

The QBE89G’s seven forward gears boast ultra-close gear ratios, a modular gear cluster and an open face dog design to ensure rapid gearshifts. Quaife’s addition of a pair of interchangeable drop gears within the QBE89G allows users to easily and quickly tailor the overall gearing to suit their needs, for example for fine tuning between racing circuits to optimise top speed or overall acceleration.

From the outset Quaife’s engineers have designed the QBE89G to run with an optional electronic semi-automatic paddle gearchange system to maximise the transmission’s potential. Intermediate gear ratios for the seven-speed Quaife QBE89G are as follows:-

1         2          3          4         5         6       7

2.750   2.214   1.800   1.471   1.238   1.043   0.920

The QBE89G’s drop gear ratio is: 1.045:1.

The seven-speed Quaife QBE89G in-line gearbox is on sale now, priced at £6834 inc VAT.

More information from www.quaife.co.uk or 01732 741 144 ENDS.