Vauxhall’s C20XE ‘Red Top’ has been a popular choice of engine for two decades and was used in the Opel Kadette E, the Vauxhall/Opel Astra, the Vauxhall Calibra and Vectra – and even some Ladas!

Over the years it proved itself in motorsport and is still used for racing, trackdays and in kitcars and for transplants; an ‘XE installation in classic Fords being especially popular.

The C20XE is directly related to the turbocharged C20LET engine, which came with forged pistons. Anyone contemplating modifying an ‘XE should follow Vauxhall’s and do the same … and it just so happens that Cambridge Motorsports Parts can supply the latest type of JE Asymmetrical Forged Pistons to suit the C20XE engine.

These new pistons feature an asymmetrical skirt design with a conventional thrust edge and skirt but with a smaller and therefore lighter trailing edge with less resistance. The reason for this is that piston side-loads increase with boost pressure, longer stroke crankshafts and even aftermarket cams.

These pistons new asymmetrical forging design maintains a larger skirt area on that heavily-stressed major thrust side, while reducing friction with a smaller skirt area on the minor thrust side.

The result is a forged, high strength, lightweight slipper piston that significantly reduces friction in the engine.

They retail at £527.40 inc VAT per set of four including rings and gudgeon pins.

For more details call 01462 684 300 or alternatively visit ENDS.