Carburettor equipped cars with early automatic chokes can often give rise to problems, and

manoeuvres like pulling out onto a fast road can be a bit of game of chance if the engine hasn’t reached operating temperature.

If you long for the simpler technology of a manual choke, Webcon might have the answer, for you.

Their Manual Choke Conversion Kits will convert a Weber DGAV, DFAV or DGAS carburettor back to manual operation choke, and contains a replacement housing, water pipe connections, the choke cable and pull knob plus all the brackets and clips required.

Illustrated instructions give clear and precise information on how to carry out the conversion.

For Weber DGAV/DGAS order as 45050000 and for DFAV order as 450490000.

Recommended retail price £58.72 inc VAT.

More information from or 01932 787 100 ENDS.