Wrapping your exhaust to retain heat to increase the rate of your gas flow and to reduce underbonnet temperatures is now a pretty common practice – but how do you calculate how much exhaust wrap to buy?

If you paid attention at school you might just recall how to calculate the circumference of a circle. If you didn’t then here’s a great new tool available on the DEi website.

It’s a simple wrap calculator.
Type in a few basic values – the Pipe O.D., the length of the pipe, the width of the wrap and how much overlap you want to allow for, press the button and presto! There’s the minimum amount of wrap you need to buy.
You can order your wrap in black or tan and all the accessories you’ll need too, direct from the DEi website, so ordering your exhaust wrap is now a one-stop-shop operation.

To calculate how much wrap you will need and to order visit