GD427 passes Australian Design Rules Test with flying colours. In order for any vehicle to be granted road-legal status in Australia, it must pass a series of tests, just like those of the IVA.

The Australian Design Rules (ADRs) are national Australian standards for vehicle safety, anti-theft and emission standards. They have been acclaimed as less arbitrary than those of other countries, and are said to have successfully prevented the importation of many dangerous imports over the years.

The Gardner Douglas GD427 has passed this examination without the need for any modification. GD boss, Andy Burrows, commented: “No other market competitor can claim this statement; we are very proud of this achievement. The torsional rigidity exceeded the required 6000Nm figure. The certification applies to any GD427 Mk3, Mk4 and G350 using either the GDJAG or GDEURO chassis.”

This has no effect on the UK market since a torsion test is not part of the UK IVA (for now!), the fact that the car sailed through these most stringent of tests is proof indeed of the quality of GD’s structural design, build quality, and safety.

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