Fitting electronic fuel injection and throttle bodies to classics is becoming more and more popular. The conversion makes the engine more efficient both in terms of performance and fuel economy and also helps solve starting and warm up problems.

Webcon has just announced a new injection manifold to enable throttle bodies to be fitted to the eve popular Jaguar six cylinder classic XK engine.

The kit also includes a new Mangoletsi throttle system that has twin cables for added safety and a finer degree of control than the original throttle set-up. The original has 1in of free travel before the carb levers move. On the other hand this system is fully adjustable to remove slack and gives 2in more leg room.

Also included in the kit is an aluminium port template to act as an exact porting guide when blueprinting the manifold to the head to obtain a perfect match. A flap wheel is included to open up the head ports as required.

The injection manifold kit for the Jaguar six cylinder has a recommended retail price of £1536 inc VAT and order as part number MM4498-45.

Available directly from Webcon and from appointed Webcon dealers around the world via or 01932 787 100 ENDS.