As well as being the fastest air ratchet available anywhere, the new 500 rpm AR38RP air impact ratchet from Mac Tools is designed with safety in mind and prevents shock being transmitted during use. The ratchet also generates an impressive 74.5 Nm (55 ft-lbs) of torque, making it stronger than any other mini-ratchet on the market.

For the mechanic working in restricted space under the bonnet or elsewhere on a vehicle, accessing and undoing fastenings can prove both frustrating and hazardous. Many will opt to use a standard air ratchet, but this can prove painful due to the shock generated, which is then transmitted to the wrist when the fastener tightens down and the torque suddenly increases. This reaction can also cause the knuckles to be thrown into the nearest solid part and is a common injury in the workshop. Similar problems can also occur to technicians and engineers in industrial settings.

The Mac Tools AR38RP 3/8in air impact ratchet combines an impact wrench with an air ratchet, and incorporates an impact assembly with a single dog clutch ahead of the ratchet assembly. This reaction-free design prevents the shock so often responsible for injuries and allows the very high output torque of this model to be applied safely and easily.

At just 160mm in length, and weighing a little over 0.5kg, the AR38RP is manoeuvrable enough to reach fasteners in the majority of limited-access situations. An air regulator and throttle lever are included; both of which are housed in the comfort-grip handle which is designed to make operation as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

Mark Hallum, UK marketing manager for Mac Tools, says: “this is a powerful new addition to our air tools range, which we believe to be the very best in the world. Mac Tools is committed to the constant development of  products to help make the mechanic’s life both easier and safer. With a free speed of 500 rpm and 55 ft-lbs of torque, this compact, reaction-free air impact ratchet is unmatched and is a must for every workshop technician.”

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