A new company has launched a kit to convert the ugly duckling Honda CX500 into a stunning old school cafe racer. ‘Café Racer Kits’ had their first showing of a pair of finished bikes and the individual kit parts at the recent Carole Nash Classic Bike Show at Shepton Mallet and were very pleased with the interest shown from the enthusiastic crowds.

The kit includes a single seat conversion, headlamp brackets, instrument casings, rear hugger, exhaust downpipes, front mudguard blade, radiator shield and tank graphics. It costs £795 complete, or it can be bought in modules if you want to spread the cost.

“We were very encouraged by all the positive feedback and the smiles on people’s faces when they saw what could be done to the CX500.” said Café Racer proprietor Ian Saxcoburg.

“I developed the kit so that people would be able to build themselves a bike to be proud of without breaking the bank. The concept is the same as the established kitcar market; you find a scruffy donor bike and then use the new parts and your own efforts to transform it into a real eye catcher. Donor bikes can be bought for less than £500 at the moment, which makes this one of the best value specials ever and a really fun project”

Retro is certainly cool at the moment (will ‘clamshell’ wings on Lotus Sevens make a comeback, I wonder?!) and this is a section of the market that I like. Indeed, we did a feature on Norman Hyde’s Harrier Triumph Bonneville conversion in tkc mag a while back.

Diehard kitcar enthusiasts may also remember the Blee Unicorn, which was a clubman type kit, although the same company previously offered a bike conversion under the same name. Now, that’s obscure!

More information on the Café Racer from www.caferacerkits.co.uk or from 07854 098 088 ENDS.