The Ford Duratec has now established itself as a very tunable engine and as well as being used in the Fiesta ST, Focus, C-Max, Mondeo and S-Max it is also finding its way into all sorts of race cars, kitcars and transplants.

With this in mind, Piper has just released some new tuning parts for the engine…

Piper BP320 Camshaft – pair Chill cast billet £453.60
Piper/Cometic 86mm 030 Bore MLS Head Gasket £83.23
Piper Single Valve Spring Kit £195.60

Piper Double Valve Spring Kit with Caps and Seals £364.80
Piper Vernier Adjustable Cam Gear kit £126

All prices inc VAT.
Piper cams are available for the Duratec 2-litre in Mild Road, Fast Road, Ultimate Road, National Hot Rod, Rally and Race configurations.
For further details and to find your local dealer contact Piper on 01303 245 300 or visit ENDS.