Triumphant return for the Buckland B3, now in Mk2 guise under the control of leading hot rodder, John Wilcox, of Penguin Speed Shop, last weekend at Stoneleigh.

John and team were knocked-out by the warm welcome and positive comments and it was quite amusing in the hotel bar at the end of day one to see all of them in a complete state of shock after taking a large handful of orders! They genuinely expect the little car to be so well received.

The B3 was originally created by Dick Buckland way back in the early eighties and features some fiendishly clever engineering touches. It also happens to drive like a deity and a clever mind was clearly at work.

Penguin Speed Shop has been very sympathetic to the original design respecting its qualities and have only made amendments where it makes sense in terms of production and also MSVA requirements that weren’t even thought of when the original version first saw the light of day. Add in progressions in technology over the last 30-years and you have a triumphant return for the 21st century of this little three wheeler. BRILLIANT!

More on this one VERY soon…in the meantime visit or find them at the end of 07920 258 948 ENDS.