Plenty going on at Dutch manufacturer, Faroux Sportscars, who were at Stoneleigh with their BMW-based MB1 Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar last weekend, plus news on their latest new model…

Their latest, following on quickly from the recently announced Faroux Coupe (Daytona replica, also based on BMW mechanicals) is a Porsche 917 replica that uses the Porsche Boxster as donor.

A spaceframe chassis has been created on CAD by Faroux boss, Marcel Benes, and the plan is to launch the car at next year’s Stoneleigh show, while they’ll be using lots of components from the Boxster in addition to the running gear such as air conditioning. Marcel also tells me that there will also be an option to fit a 911 engine and G50 gearbox too.

A self-build estimate for this replica of the majestic 917 is around the £35,000 mark.

In yet more Faroux news, the company can now offer a ‘flat-pack’ chassis service to enable building of bespoke frames that can be supplied from customer drawings or preferably 3D CAD from which laser cut chassis tubes can be cut and supplied.

Faroux now offer a bespoke 'flat-pack' chassis service

By using their ‘laser align & fit’ technology they say that a chassis can be constructed very easily as all tubes come with their ‘position locators’ and this enables accurate fit without the need for any grinding…

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