The new V2 from Vortex Automotive was launched in complete form at Stoneleigh last weekend and although the colour was incredibly bright and vibrant there is much more to the new model from Chris Greville-Smith under the skin.

As a designer with real provenance (Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover, while he also designed the wheels for the MGF), there’s some innovative touches on the new model, with a light weight spaceframe chassis and Ford EcoBoost four-cylinder engine producing 280bhp – Duratec will also be an option – the kit price has been announced at £9900, which will be quite a comprehensive package including chassis, body, suspension, radiator and exhaust system and Chris estimates that a DIY-built example could be completed from around £12,000.

Fans of the company’s Vortex GTR model should have no fear as that one remains available.

We’ll have more on this exciting new arrival very soon. In the meantime, visit or 01926 857 200 ENDS.