Most Impreza owners don’t need to be reminded of the importance of changing the timing belt on their engines at the correct service intervals. However, if you have modified, or even just remapped your engine (because it’s fitted into a kitcar perhaps), then something a little more than standard specification parts may be in order.

Cosworth, one of the most trusted names in automotive performance, has just released a pair of Timing Belt Service Packs for the Subaru Impreza – one for models up to 09/2002 and one for cars produced after that date.

Each pack consist of:

1 x Cosworth Kevlar™ Timing Belt

2 x Genuine Subaru Plain Idler

1 x Genuine Subaru Toothed Idler

1 x Genuine Subaru Small Idler

1 x Cosworth sticker… just to show everyone that you are running genuine Cosworth parts!

Kit no. CSSP001 is for Subaru Impreza vehicles after 09/2002 and kit no. CSSP002 is for Subaru Impreza vehicles before 09/2002 (from 09/1998). Both at retail price of £375 inc VAT.

Available from Cosworth appointed dealers worldwide with more information available at ENDS.