A surge tank (or swirl pot) is an important part of any electronic fuel injection system as it stops your engine from suffering fuel starvation.

Under harsh driving, fuel is thrown from side-to-side of a fuel tank and this can leave the

fuel pick-up sucking in air rather than fuel. A surge tank however, enables your pump to

continuously pick-up fuel and never have to worry about starving your engine of its lifeblood.

Viper Performance’s new surge tanks have a 1.5-litre capacity, and come with a selection of

barbed and AN fitments to suit most applications. The tank size is 115mm diameter and

200mm tall with an integral base plate provided ready to mount to the boot


Order as part number ST BK at £95 inc VAT,

For more details, telephone 0845 095 3423 or visit www.viper-performance.co.uk ENDS.