New manufacturer, Rennwagen, has acquired the Sammio 550 Spyder and also produce their own Porsche 911 RSR 1973/74 evocation in metal or glassfibre.

They are perhaps only the fourth kitcar manufacturer to be based in Northern Ireland, Belfast to be precise and the company is run by Porsche 911 racer and enthusiast, Robin Titterington.

The 550 Spyder is an honest-to-goodness take on the classic Porsche theme at an affordable price and Robin has several excellent plans up his sleeve to further enhance the kit package, but it’ll remain a very affordable DIY build project, unsurprisingly using the VW Beetle as its base point.

Meanwhile, the RSR is the holy grail as far as Porsche aficionados are concerned and if you can find a genuine one, expect to pay a cool £1-million, and Robin, much like Autofarm, Paul Stephens and RS-Teknik among others will happily produce you a ‘backdate’ of this belting motor car, at a mere fraction of the price of a real one…

We’ll have more on the company very soon although in the meantime, visit ENDS.