Engines tend to run better if the hose that recycles engine fumes to the induction

System is removed, however you can’t just vent the fumes to atmosphere – it would dump oil on the road/track/garage floor, make a mess of your car’s underbody and make the car’s interior stink of engine fumes…plus, if someone sees you even inadvertently dumping oil you could get your collar felt.

That’s why you need to run the vent pipe to a catch can, and Viper Performance has just released a pair of nice examples as part of their PRO RANGE.

The Viper catch cans are available in official race spec 1-litre or 2-litre options and are beautifully-crafted and mirror-polished so will look very good in your engine bay as well

as fulfilling a practical need.

1 1/16th – 12 -3b UNF and 7/8 – 14 UNF connections are provided and the catch cans come complete with a Viper stainless steel 30 micron breather filter, which can be either washed and re-used or bought separately and replaced as required.

A drain tap and mounting brackets are welded to the main body and a separator unit is welded inside.

The Viper 1-litre catch can retails at £125 with the 2-litre at £135 inc VAT.

More from www.viper-performance.co.uk or 0845 095 3423 ENDS.