Europe’s leading hand tool manufacturer, Facom, has launched the 603F hacksaw, a tool designed for durability and efficiency.

This new hacksaw is fitted with an innovative automatic blade tension system unique to Facom. With a traditional hacksaw, users have to adjust the blade tension manually, which can be tricky and often inaccurate. Putting the blade under high tension for any length of time could lead to the frame of the hacksaw becoming warped, and heavy use can see blade tension increasing, which can result in inaccurate cutting.

With Facom’s patented design, the tension on the new hacksaw is controlled automatically thanks to a spring-like mechanism, ensuring perfect and precise cutting every time. Because the adjustment is done automatically, there is no time lost trying to rectify the tension manually.

Most hacksaws on the market only offer two different blade positions, but the new 603F hacksaw allows eight positions around a 360º axis, dramatically increasing the range of applications for the tool. Fitting the blade couldn’t be easier: put the blade in, turn the knob and it’s ready to use.

The saw has a high-strength aluminium alloy frame to give better stability while cutting and minimising vibrations, making work more comfortable. The shape of the frame, unique to Facom, allows for a constant cutting capacity of 100mm along the entire length of the blade. This is particularly useful when cutting objects with a large diameter as it drastically reduces the time required for the job.

Ali Howard, UK Marketing Manager for Facom, says: “At Facom we strive to improve our clients’ working conditions. The 603F hacksaw was designed with efficiency in mind; it is packed with time-saving features. Like all Facom tools, it was also built to last; the unique blade tension control system guarantees a durability that no one else currently offers.”

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