Filtration expert Pipercross has released a fully TOCA-approved filtration package that complies with the latest regulations while offering significant flow improvements over any previously sanctioned filter.

Hand-finished here in the UK, the BTCC homologated part features a double conical high-flow filter construction affixed to a full radius aluminium spinning. The lightweight outer housing is fully ceramic coated to help further reduce intake temperatures. Following feedback from race engineers, this outer housing is secured by over-centre clips, rather than bolts, to allow for rapid removal and cleaning between races, or during set-up and testing.

Thanks to its unique construction, the total filtration area is an impressive 810 cm², despite the filters external dimensions only being 256mm high by 153mm diameter. The inlet is the required 100mm, with the outlet dropping to 75mm, as per current turbo regulations.

During extensive flow testing, Pipercross recorded some compelling data. The best of the 2011 approved filters showed a depression of 1686 pascals at 188 litres/second, whereas the new Pipercross package proved to be less restrictive, registering only 1471 pascals at the same rate.

Although the C7000 is aimed primarily at TOCA constructors, it can be used for any high performance race, kit or tuning application.

The full package includes 100mm x 750mm cold air feed, the filter housing itself and all required clips and fittings. It retails at £300 inc VAT.

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