Spautopia is a nice little, forward-thinking automotive car care company based in Rutland and producing and supplying a really innovative range of products that really do what they say on the packet, box, bottle or tin!

They’ve recently started stocking the UK-made Angelwax range of polishes and treatments with the interior trim reviver, AnGel being the latest addition. There are a lot of products around that claim to make your car’s trim return to ‘as-new’, most with mixed results either making your dashboard slippery and shiny, acting as a magnet for dust, or actually not doing anything at all.

I was sent a sample of AnGel and as I was doing a bit of cleaning on my cars (what’s new?) I decided to give it a whirl. Firstly, it smells like it should come from one of those trendy shops selling soap, although it isn’t an unpleasant or chemical-laden (I hate that) whiff either.

It’s a heavy gel, as the name implies, and it goes on evenly and removed some stubborn stains caused when I dropped some glass cleaner accidently on the dash-top, while it left a superb silky finish and the pleasing smell I mentioned. A second pass restored it to  an ‘as new’ look, although it’s worth bearing in mind that due to its thick, sticky nature it would pay to be sparing with your application.

AnGel is water-based and silicone-free so can be used safely by paint and body shops and at just £4.50 seems like a strong bargain to me. or you can phone Spautopia on 01780 721 460 ENDS.