Try shopping for oil in your local motor spares shop and you will probably find it difficult to get the proper 20w/50 oil that your classic Mini’s engine was designed to run on.

Try using a modern lighter 10w/40 oil and you’ll quickly find it blowing past your

valve stems and coming out of the exhaust as smoke!

Thankfully Castrol still make 20w/50 oil, branded as Classic 20w/50 and sold in

Retro-style metal containers, and it’s available by mail order from Mini Spares.

Although the price of engine oil has gone up along with petrol recently, Mini Spares are

offering Castrol Classic at £23.32 inc VAT for a 1 gallon (4.55-litres) can, £5.56 inc VAT for a 1-litre tin and – to save you from wasting it by spilling it all over your engine – they can even provide an authentic retro Castrol metal pouring jug at £9.14 inc VAT.

Don’t take chances with the wrong grade of engine oil or some ‘unknown’ brand. This is the

oil your Mini engine was designed to run on.

For more details contact Mini Spares on 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.