For a nitrous oxide system to achieve its best the bottle needs to be at its optimum pressure

of 900 to 1000 psi. With our typical English weather this is usually achieved by heating

the bottle, but until now this was often a matter of guesswork.

DEi/Ny-Trex has introduced a combined bottle heater and pressure regulator to accurately control nitrous bottle pressure and heat the bottles for safe, trouble-free use.

The Accu-Pressure system features an adjustable pressure switch that accurately sets bottle

pressure before use. A mica-band heating element quickly and efficiently heats the bottle in half the time of traditional silicone, blanket-style heating elements, ensuring you’re ready for the strip or the track in as little time as possible.

If ‘show’ is as important as ‘go’, then this system is for you. The Ny-Trex mica-band bottle heater is a slim, polished stainless steel band that wraps only a small portion of the bottle instead of completely hiding it under a blanket-style heater.

The Ny-Trex, Accu-Pressure is sold as a complete system, including easy-to-read installation

instructions, switches, relay, wire, and weather-pack connectors.

More information from ENDS.