Viper Performance recently launched a range of stainless steel braided hoses and end fittings. Now, the company has released a range of assorted washers and ‘O’ rings to help you fit their products.

The first three in this range are specially designed for use with Viper’s braided hose fittings:

1 Aluminium Crush Washers – A single layer aluminium washer for fuel systems when sealing banjos or adaptors. The aluminium one-time-use crush washer is specifically designed to form against the sealing faces. Contains 70 pieces and retails at £49.99 inc. VAT.

2 Teflon Washers – These washers are particularly well-suited to passing a fuel line through a

bulkhead. Provides excellent resistance to fuel and a positive seal to the fittings.

Can be used for a number of oil/fuel resistant applications. Contains 70 pieces and retails at  £25 inc VAT.

3 Rubber ‘O’ rings – Excellent value box. Contains 70 pieces and retails at £19.99 inc VAT.

Each box contains 10 each of the following sizes: AN3,4,6,8,10 and 12.

More details from 0845 0953 423 or via ENDS.