This might well appeal to the growing number of owners of BMW E36/E46-based kitcars.

Brake discs come in for more than their fair share of abuse on trackdays. Cambridge

Motorsport Parts is now offering Nitrac cryogenically treated brake discs for improved trackday and race use.

These discs have a much higher resistance to warping, cracking, flaking, and fading and will last up to three times as long as an un-treated disc and also reduce pad wear by

up to 30 per cent, the makers claim.

The braking surface will remain in a better state for longer making them ideal for trackday and competition use – although they are equally suitable for ‘fast road’ use.


So how does it work?

Put simply, chilling the part down gradually in liquid nitrogen in excess of -180 degrees C slows down the movement of the atoms in the material and realigns the molecules promoting a pure structural balance. In steel components that have already been heat-treated the chilling also improves hardness four-fold.

The result is a material that is toughened right through to the core has increased resistance to wear, impact and fatigue, and is relieved of most residual stresses, making it less prone to cracking.

A choice of 8, 12 or 16-grooved, non-handed grooved, drilled, drilled and grooved and Black Phosphate-coated are all available (although some options and applications are available to special order only)


Example prices:

BMW E36 M3 front: Nitrac eight-groove £280.67 inc VAT. Nitrac Drilled and Grooved £301.97 inc VAT.

BMW E46 328 front: Nitrac eight groove £148.36 inc VAT per pair.

For more details telephone 01462 684 300 or visit the Cambridge Motorsport Parts website… ENDS.