Charging mobile and in-car devices can place a lot of demand on your 12v socket and instead of having to choose which mobile product to charge, multisockets, provide an instant adaptor, providing extra 12v sockets and USB connections for phones and music players.

Ring Automotive has introduced three new multisockets for additional in-car power designed to provide a sophisticated solution to keeping all your gadgets working that have a new feature engineered by Ring Automotive, which is the Micro USB retractable tip to charge smartphones, all new models of mobile phones (exception Apple) and most satnavs. This provides easy, simple, effective charging without the need to own a separate 12v in car phone charger.

The three new products, RMS13, RMS14 and RMS15 share many features.  All are twin 12v sockets suitable for powering products up to 10amps. The 12v sockets have surrounding glow rings for quick night time location.

The units are all fitted with a battery analyser to display available vehicle battery power and warn of the alternator not charging the vehicle battery and each unit is manufactured from shock resistant ABS to match quality car interiors and are all compact enough to store out of sight when not in use.

The RMS13 is can shaped for use and storage in the vehicles cup holders.

The RMS14 is shaped for fitment around the dashboard or central consol. Two power switches enable the user to control the power to devices.

The RMS15 is also shaped for fitment around the dashboard or central consol. A 2amp USB Fast Charge socket is included for charging smartphones, tablet devices and iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Product manager Bhavesh Mistry says: “Cars are now such an integral part of our lifestyles that we expect them to offer all the conveniences of home when it comes to our gadgets. Our new range of Multisockets means that you can charge your mobile phone, power the sat nav and keep the kids’ games powered up – all at the same time if necessary!”

Prices as follows: RMS13 – £19.99, RMS14 – £17.99, RMS15 – £19.99.

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