Facom, Europe’s largest tool manufacturer, introduces a new range of torque wrenches for engineering and automotive professionals.

Given the variety of metals and alloys used in their construction, today’s cars, trucks and motorcycles require very precise tensioning of bolts and fixings. Whether tightening cylinder head bolts or simply swapping an alloy wheel, it is crucial that the correct torque is applied to avoid potential damage.

The new range of micrometer torque wrenches from Facom offers an accurate and durable tightening solution for the workshop. Six wrenches are available in the range, four with fixed ratcheting heads and two with flexible heads. A variety of lengths are offered and all wrenches feature Nm and inch-pound scales which are engraved on the barrel for easy reference. The handle scale is simple to read and allows accurate torque values to be set. When the set torque is reached during the tightening process, the wrench produces an audible click and tension is automatically released to prevent over-tightening.

Torque range is 1 to 340 Nm across the range of wrenches and rigorous testing is carried out to ISO 6789 standards before individual calibration certificates are assigned from the factory. All of Facom’s new torque wrenches feature knurled handles allowing easy grip and adjustment and are supplied with blow-mould storage cases.

Ali Howard, UK marketing manager for Facom, says: “The new range of Facom torque wrenches was specifically developed to meet the needs of the professional and sets the standard for quality, accuracy and durability.”

For further information on Facom, or to find a local stockist, visit www.facom.com ENDS.