‘Quick Fix Tape’ is the latest high performance product from Design Engineering Inc. The tape bonds to itself and is self-curing, forming a waterproof and permanent seal.

It is ideal for emergency hose repair, as a non-slip grip for tools, electrical splices and connections, it serves as a temporary leak sealer, and does not leave a sticky residue after removal. These are just a few of its many uses.

‘Quick Fix Tape’ is extruded from a special high performance grade silicone compound and engineered at 700psi tensile strength and has insulating capabilities up to 8000 volts and stretches to three times its length for a simple stretch-and-wrap application.

The unique triangular profile of the tape (the centre is thicker than the edges) provides a

smooth edge when overlapping tape.

It is available in 1in (2.54cm) wide x 12ft. (365.76cm) rolls and costs £11.99 inc VAT per roll.

More information from www.nimbusmotorsport.com ENDS.