ARP – the world-leader in fastener technology has just released a new Custom Age 625+® head stud kit for pre-1993 Chevy Gen lll/LS series small block applications.

Part No. 234-4313 – includes a set of twenty Custom Age 625+® head studs, twenty parallel

ground washers, twenty 8740 chrome moly steel 12 pt nuts, ten 8740 8mm studs and the

appropriate fasteners, which secure the intake side of the cylinder head to the engine

block. 234-4313 also includes a ½-oz pack of ARP Ultra-Torque fastener assembly lubricant.

All Custom Age 625+® studs are centreless ground, heat-treated prior to thread rolling and

machining, and are nominally rated at 270,000 psi. These fasteners deliver a 60 per cent increase in tensile-strength over the OEM Torque to Yield (TTY) head bolts.

ARP products are widely available from appointed distributors throughout Europe.

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