Go-ahead, Dutch manufacturer, Faroux Sportscars, run by Marcel Benes, has been working on their excellent BMW-based MB1 model during the last year and have received some good comments about the quality of workmanship during their major show appearances during the last year. The development continues apace, in time for this year’s shows…

Meanwhile, they have also recently announced a second model (MB2?), which is a BMW-based Daytona Coupe kit and have released price information this week….the full package comes in at £18,500 (SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER available at £16,500, valid until MARCH 31, 2012), and includes:

Black powdercoated round-tube chassis bracketry for BMW E36 rear axle, steering column, rack, gear selector, engine and gearbox.

Hand-laid glassfibre body – pre-fitted.

Bonnet, doors and boot – hinged and latched.

Front and rear screens – fitted to body.

Plexi glass covers.

Set of upper and lower front wishbones.

Set of four adjustable dampers and springs.

Set of upper and lower ball-joints for the front suspension.

Complete suspension and differential bolt set.

Aluminium machined inserts for BMW E46 front uprights.

Pedal box mounted.

70-litre Polyurethane fuel tank.

Headers and Side exhausts (to fit BMW six-cylinder engines, others on request).

Complete set of lights.

Full set of instruments.

Custom Cabling loom to fit BMW engine (others on request).


Various sundry items

Of course you can always upgrade the car with a bigger engine (BMW V8 or an American V8) if more horsepower is required.