Cosworth’s range of big valve cylinder heads is now greater than ever. Applications are now available for Subaru WRX, Nissan VQ35 (including Rev Up version), Mitsubishi Evo V through to X, and the Ford Duratec.

The Nissan GT-R (VR38DETT) and Toyota/Lotus (2ZZ-GE) are due to be added during 2012. In creating their cylinder heads, Cosworth carefully evaluate and test the original to

establish the improvements required to meet the target performance level. Hours of testing

and flow bench validation are used to determine the best advanced port design yielding maximum usable power and response.

Port velocity is maintained to ensure drivability and valve-train components are matched to

guarantee reliable performance. Machining is carried out on five-axis CNC-milling machines producing an accurate and consistent port shape every time.

After machining, each cylinder head receives a multi-angle high performance valve job on a precision Newen® CNC-valve seat cutter. Then each cylinder head is ultrasonically cleaned, serialised and finally hand assembled with select high performance valve-train components, ready to install on your engine.

Cosworth Big Valve Cylinder Heads are available with or without camshafts. Prices for Big Valve Heads without camshafts start at £3347.26 inc VAT for Japanese applications and from £2399.99 inc VAT for the Duratec item.

Available from Cosworth appointed dealers worldwide with more information from ENDS.