Simon Scleater is a well-known man……… engine tuning circles and his company Caral Automotive is particularly sought after in Lotus and Vauxhall VX220 circles.

He’s also just launched his new S-Sport division, which deals with GM LS V8 and the new Ford 5-litre DOHC ‘Coyote’ V8 that delivers a cool 412bhp straight out of the box, which the Blue Oval’s answer to the LS series and is all-aluminium, features 32-valve technology, forged crank and con-rods and an 11.0:1 compression ratio.

A ‘BOSS’ version is also available from S-Sport and adds lots of pretty bits and around 50bhp, while for the ultimate bang there’s a Coyote with a Ford Racing twin-screw supercharger kit that takes power out to 624bhp…

Front and mid-engine applications, using a Ford six-speed gearbox for front or rear wheel drive or an S-Sport developed adaptor kit for the Audi Getrag 01X six-speed transaxle for a mid-engine fitment, while adaptors are also available to mount the Getrag unit to GM LS3, Jaguar AJV8 and GM 2.8i V6 turbo.

In addition a Ford ‘run kit’ (to make the engine plug and play, basically, features Ford ECU, engine wiring loom, throttle pedal, relay centre and full instructions, is also available from S-Sport Ltd.

Prices for the engine start at £7080 inc VAT with more details from or 01462 711 850 ENDS.