Sammio Motor Company has been………….doing extremely well with their Triumph Herald-based Sammio Spyder kit that really harks back to the days of the specials bodyshell movement in the late fifties and it is certainly affordable as you can build a decent example from around £2500! The bodyshell costs £895 with an interior support frame at £300 (or £450 for the deluxe version).

In true Derek Buckler and Dick Shattock style you can also select from several body types for the Spyder such as fifties Lancia D24 or Mercedes style and also a centre bar a la Jaguar D-type.

Meanwhile, the company’s 550 Spyder replica has moved onto pastures new to enable Sammio boss and top UK rodder, Gary Janes, to concentrate on the Reliant Scimitar-based G-46 and also two new variants of the standard Spyder kit. The Sammio Cordite uses the Triumph Spitfire as donor, while the Sammio Chevaux is underpinned by the Citroën 2CV and are priced at £1695 and £1495 respectively…

More information on the complete Sammio range from or via 07970 636 986 ENDS.