Keeping your car windscreen clear and streak-free……….is essential for safe driving. During the winter months in particular, the glare from a low winter sun on a smeared windscreen can contribute to a hazy vision of the road ahead. While there are hundreds of pricey, specialist car care products on the market, simple and inexpensive White Vinegar is just as effective at removing dirt from glass.

To keep windscreens clean and clear, spray White Vinegar directly on to the glass and buff to a shine using a microfibre cloth. This method can also be used to clean the inside of windows, as well as helping to remove any unwanted stickers. Simply soak a kitchen cloth with White Vinegar and place onto the sticker for 10 minutes. Remove the cloth and wipe the sticker away with ease.

Wiper blades are also essential in winter weather. If they judder or miss areas when in use, clean them with the White Vinegar. If the problems persist, it is time to replace them.

Avoid splashing White Vinegar on the paintwork, and remove any splashes immediately.

Dri-Pak White Vinegar is available in 500ml trigger spray bottles from selected stores and online. For further information about Dri-Pak and its products, visit or call 01159 325 165 ENDS.