Interior Detailer………….from Lucas Oil is the ideal way either to retain the interior of your car in showroom condition, or to restore it to a former glory.

The water-based UV resistant spray cleans up dust, dirt and smears and is safe to use on plastic, leather, vinyl and other interior fittings. It smells clean and fresh, too.

Second new product from Lucas Oil is Super Coolant, which claims to protect the entire cooling system from rust, corrosion, electrolysis (particularly with aluminium components) and helps prevent the build-up of the kind of deposits that can cause overheating.

The use of Lucas Super Coolant helps ensure that engines run cooler in the summertime. In track and road tests, it has been proven to reduce coolant temperatures by up to 20 deg F, delivering lower cylinder head temperatures, which allows advanced ignition timing and produces increased horsepower.

Designed for racing competition vehicles but now available for workshop and retail sales, Lucas Super Coolant has advantages for many other applications too.

For example, it’s an ideal coolant for a towing vehicle.

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