Edelbrock has announced a simpler solution for adapting a low-pressure carb system for use with EFI.

Their Universal EFI Sump Fuel Systems eliminate plumbing, wiring, and fabrication work that can add hours of garage time and headaches to your EFI upgrade. The self-contained fuel sump tank, pump, and pre-installed regulator provide constant high fuel pressure with no fuel return line, external regulator, or fuel tank modification or replacement needed. Compact and easy to install, the systems work with existing factory fuel tanks and mechanical or electric low-pressure fuel pumps. Choose from systems that support up to 600 or 750bhp.

  • Fuel pressure adjustable More >



Leading performance exhaust manufacturer, Milltek has announced a stunning new range of genuine carbon fibre exhaust trims to fit many of its existing and forthcoming systems. As the wonder-material that never seems to fall from fashion, these beautiful new parts are bound to find favour with many discerning enthusiasts.

The parts have been designed here in the UK and then finished to Milltek’s exacting motorsport standards using the finest quality ‘pre-preg’ carbon-fibre. Three designs will be available at launch, in sizes that equate to the firm’s existing GT 80, 90 and 100mm trims. In each case, the finish is a flawless More >


MNR Sportscars Ltd has announced the launch of their new LMP-F17 racecar, which is based on the international success of the multi-race-winning RGB class-F Vortx chassis, but with an all new aero-body design and some improvements under its sleek new cover.


The LMP-F17 is the first car to come from MNR’s collaboration with official technical partners, Garagisti Limited, well-known motorsport designer, Enrique Scalabroni and GRP specialists Stuart Pease (Fibreglass) Ltd.

The new MNR’s body provides a huge leap forward, both in manufacturing process and aero efficiency, featuring organic shapes and extreme curvatures, designed to move air More >


Good news for owners of MGFs and builders of cars based on its underpinnings.

The world’s leading source for MG Rover parts, XPART has just launched an MGF Suspension Replacement Kit that will fill the hearts of those with saggy hydragas units with joy.

The original displacers haven’t been available for several years, but XPART has joined forces with the original manufacturer and they are now available once more complete with some built-in improvements.

The kit (XPT006310) is designed to be fitted as a complete s replacing the original dampers and sealed canister displacers and is TUV-approved.et

The MGF Suspension Replacement Kit is available now at More >


Webcon has announced the re-introduction of the 38DGAS upgrade kit for the Ford 2-litre Pinto engine.

The sequential 38 DGAS 3-litre V6 carburettor is a direct swap for the Pinto’s progressive Weber 32/36 DGAV and has been jetted especially for the 2-litre engine. It is a perfect accompaniment for a ported-head and fast-road camshaft.

Part number 1893000100 features the special air bush modification required to suit the 2-litre Pinto and is available in kit form as shown at £335.50 inc VAT.

It is available now direct from Webcon or one of their officially-appointed dealers around the world. For more information visit call 01932 787 100 More >


This useful and remarkably comprehensive 71-piece bit set from Kamasa Part number 56104) is designed to be used with a cordless drill or cordless screwdriver.

Presented in a compact plastic case with protective rubber corners, the set includes nine 65mm long bits, 60 25mm bits, a quick-chuck bit driver and an adaptor for ¼in drive sockets.

The bits are manufactured from strong S2 steel and colour-coded for instant recognition. The nine 65mm bits include Phillips (blue) Ph1 x 1, Ph2 x 1, Ph3 x 1, PzDrive (red) Pz1 x 1, Pz2 x 1, Pz3 x 1, Flat (orange) 5mm x1 and Star (green) More >


The new award-winning RIL4000 inspection lamp from Ring Automotive is packed with new technology and the strip-LED light provides output that Ring claims is four times brighter than rival standard LED lamps. Crikey, who remembers horrid light-bulb in a metal cage affair lead lights that used to burn you for fun and once dropped they’d got brighter momentarily until going ‘phutt’!

RIL4000 also gives a wide-angle, uniform illumination LED-torch function and has on-board magnets for hands-free use and multi-position directional lighting.

It has an anti-slip comfort grip, a pair of integral hanging hooks and a Lithium-Ion battery for faster, consistent charging. The More >

COOL EXHAUST MATE (I’ve already done the ‘It’s A Wrap’ one!)

DEI has been making exhaust wrap for more years than most of us care to remember, but their latest version comes with a bit of a twist – well, weave really.

The new wrap features a black carbon-fibre look to the weave, which makes it great for kitcars (and rods and motorbikes, too) where the exhaust is more prominent – or even just to enliven the look of your engine bay.

However, it’s more than just a pretty face. The new Titanium Exhaust Wrap is made from pulverised lava rock, stranded into a fibre material and then woven into a proprietary weave. More >


Royal-warranted car-care expert Autoglym has made weekend driveway-life even easier with the release of its cool new app for iPhone, Android and windows devices. Packed full of useful tips, product advice and all manner of interesting social features, this app is perfect for everyone who is passionate about their car, whether they’re a ‘quick wash on a Sunday’ type – or a detailing obsessive.

At the heart of the Autoglym app are dozens of ‘Pro-Tips’, written by the same top-tier experts that advise both the Royal household and Europe’s top race teams in their valeting ways. These quick videos show you More >


Aeroflow’s ultra-lightweight flexible hose and billet big-bore fittings have been engineered for extreme racing conditions, where every gram counts and reliability is key.

Their Kryptalon Series hoses feature a Kevlar® braid and Teflon liner that has a convoluted outer and a smooth inner bore design, which eradicates boundary layer entrapment and minimises flow disruption thus providing performance you can count on.

Available in sizes -4AN through to -20AN and suitable for a large range of applications:

  • Fuels including E85 & E10 • Methanol • Oils • Lubricants • Coolant systems

The patented one-piece fitting design is extremely easy to assemble with an olive that sits on the More >