As a kitcar enthusiast you’ve obviously got an interest in car mechanics and you’ve no doubt built-up an enviable and impressive collection of sockets and various other types of spanner, but the old fashioned box spanner that your grandad used to fix his bike with is becoming increasingly rare in modern tool kits.

Sometimes, especially when working on carburettors and fuel systems you’ll come across a job, which is better-suited to a box spanner than modern sockets – that’s when you’ll wish you’d kept your grandad’s old tools.

Not to worry, as Webcon has just re-released a traditional box spanner in the More >



A few years ago DEI made exhaust-wrap world-famous and now it’s the easiest and most popular way of insulating exhaust headers.

However, tightening those stainless steel ties in hard-to-reach locations can be tricky, to say the least. Not any more though, because DEI has now developed an effective tool to help.

The DEI Locking Tie Tool saves time and hassle as well as preventing skinned knuckles while providing a professional looking result. Simply slide the tool on the end of any ¼in nut driver, engage the tie and twist.

This gets the tie tight and secure without hassle and the tool will fit More >



B-G Racing’s new Laser Levelling Kit is the most effective way to accurately level scale pads, roll-off pads or drive-on set-up platforms to ensure the corner weight readings are consistent.

The kit consists of four CNC precisely-machined aluminium ‘targets’ for placing on each scale pad and a 360 degree rotating laser unit with three adjustable levelling feet.

A black plastic protective carry case is included with the kit and the retail price is £227.99 inc VAT.

For more details contact 01268 764 411 or via ENDS.



Back in the eighties, Alan Hatswell sold a very good number of his Bugatti Replica kits before he went off to create musical instruments instead.

Among his range was a Type 35 and a Type 55 and these cars were very well-made as a lot of them are still around today. We always say that once kitcars are in your blood they remain there for good. So it is with Alan as he’s been advising a Lincolnshire-based operation, Just Classic Cars, who are readying a couple of Bugatti replica kits…

First up is a Type 59, which is described as being ‘inspired-by’ More >



Got a recent missive from Tim Dutton this week, fresh from seeing a pale blue Melos being the new star of TV programme Coronation Street (Steve McDonald’s new steed), who told me: “Even after 25 years we still get lots of emails from lucky Dutton owners asking technical questions – only last week we received an email from a panicky Dutton owner who had restored an early Dutton and could not run the engine as he had no idea what make of engine insulators were fitted – five minutes after receiving his email he was given the info. We have More >

Xmas Zero_Kit


Great British Sports Cars’ Kit Spares division has some great Christmas gift ideas for a sportscar owner in your life including:

GRP seats from £195 each available in a variety of colours, brand new Ford Zetec engine only £860 or a few stocking fillers….. bonnet locating pins, elasticated map pocket, aluminium stalks, handbrake and gear gaiter covers, TRS battery straps, TRS tow-loop and GBS keyrings. If you’re still stuck for ideas what about a Kit Spares Gift Voucher? These are now available via

They also have new additions to their ATR range in the form of carbon-fibre products including sports front More >



Interesting new arrival to the ranks of quality glassfibre companies that we know and recommend is Thornaby, Cleveland-based Concept-7, a design and manufacturing operation producing quality, innovative products with a specialisation in the Mazda RX7 (FD).

Run by Martin Robinson, the company produce items from the best materials thus ensuring highest-quality results. They already produce the bodies and associated parts for Automotive Creations, Royale Sabre and I’m sure others will follow.

More information from or 07710 955 734 ENDS.



Gas discharge bulbs, also known as High Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID) produce a crisp, bright-white light. While this technology has been around for a while, it has tended to be reserved for use on high specification car models.

This has driven a trend by general enthusiasts that wish to replace their car’s yellow-looking bulbs with items that replicate the HID-look without upgrading their vehicle lighting system.

To meet this demand Ring has produced the XenonStar+ range of headlamp bulbs, which produce a 4400 Kelvin colour temperature that results in a whiter headlight colour. The bulbs also produce up to 30 per cent More >



An interesting exhibitor at totalkitcar LIVE recently was JTC Auto Tools UK, run by Anthony Brant. The parent operation has been manufacturing tools for 32 years, with their biggest markets in Asia and USA.

Anthony’s involvement dates back to when he first saw them at a trade show in South Africa where he thought that the quality and price was good so began importing them here two-years ago.

Anthony told me: “What impressed me about the tools was the use of the correct steels like Chrome Molybdenum, S2 Tool steel and Nickel Chrome Molybdenum. Most of the tools indicate what material they More >



Euro Car Parts now stock TermClean the electrical contact cleaner formulated by Normfest, the respected producer of chemical solutions for the automotive industry and others.

The 400ml aerosol container is ideal for workshop use and cleans all types of electrical contacts including, switches, relays and contacts.

The process is a simple spray and wipe regime and will restore the connections to as good as new performance in minimal time and at marginal cost.

For more information head off to your nearest Euro Car Parts branch or visit ENDS.