Burton Power is pleased to announce that they have been appointed as stockists of Evans Waterless Coolant products.

Evans Power Cool 180° Waterless Coolant has many advantages over water…for example, it has a boiling point of over 180°C, far above the operating temperature of the engine. That means even hot spots within the system won’t cause it to boil.

The coolant remains in liquid-form at all times consistently doing its job of cooling the engine. It also has a freezing point of below -40ºC so is unlikely to freeze under typical winter conditions, so can be used instead of anti-freeze. As a More >



Webcon has just released modern versions of the old Weber extractor tools used to remove the chokes and auxiliary venturis from Weber carburettors.

These extractors have not been made for many years now although the new versions have seen Webcon’s engineers making some subtle design changes to both extractors to enhance their performance and also to minimise the risk of damage to either carburettor or venturi.

The extractor to remove chokes (venturis) from Weber carburettors is part number 9800910000 and retails at £149.94 inc VAT.

The auxiliary venturi extractor (on right) can be ordered as part number 9800920000 and retails at £99.94 inc More >



New Nero Pedal and Gear Knob kit from MOMO is going to be very tempting for many kitcar owners…

The gear-knob is available as both standard and for lift-up reverse and features top grain black leather, black enamel insert and a MOMO logo on the top and has an RRP of £62.99 inc VAT.

Meanwhile, the pedal kit is suitable for manual transmission cars only and is machined from aluminium in a black powdercoated finish with rubber inserts and retails at £51.99 inc VAT.

For more details contact Momo UK on 01268 764 411 or via ENDS.



Celebrating a marvellous 33-years of continuous kitcar production in 2014 is the genius that is Jeremy Phillips of Sylva Autokits. Known, nay legendary, for his steady stream of great kitcars, some of the best ever produced, the man’s latest really does hit the spot.

One thing that owning and restoring a couple of project MGFs over the last year or so has revealed to me that the much-maligned ‘F’ really is an under-rated sportscar and ideal for kitcar donor use. Get the K-Series sorted and pay good attention to cooling (fit stainless steel underfloor pipes, aluminium radiator and Evans Waterless Coolant) More >



Gurney Eagle and Gurney Weslake cylinder heads were fitted to many original GT40s and Cobras back in the sixties.

These cylinder heads are now hard to find and ridiculously expensive if you manage to locate a set. Most replica GT40s and Cobras have rocker covers that say either ‘FORD’ or ‘COBRA’.

Tornado Sports Cars, one of the world’s leading manufacturer’s (certainly the longest established) of Ford GT40 replicas, has now introduced small block Ford rocker covers with the correct period wording of Gurney Eagle or Gurney Weslake,  giving any replica engine bay a much more authentic appearance.

Cast in aluminium and supplied with More >



Waxstock, the UK’s specialist car care and detailing show – and now the largest and most prestigious detailing event of its type in Europe – has moved to a brand new venue, the Ricoh Arena on the outskirts of Coventry, on Sunday, July 27, 2014.

Now in its third year, Waxstock 2014 promises to be the greatest detailing meet and car care retail event held to date, with exhibitors coming from as far as Germany and Singapore.

Organised by Detailing World, Zaino Europe and Dodo Juice, the event has attracted sponsorship from CödeClean, Angelwax and the Pro Valeters and Detailers Association. Over More >



This well-made and robust suction syringe from Laser Tools (part no: 5933) is ideal for extracting oil, water and other non-corrosive liquids (including brake fluid) and is particularly useful for removal of oil from gearboxes and differentials.

The first pull of the T-handled plunger extracts fluid into the graduated cylindrical syringe body, useful if a specific amount has to be removed. Pushing the plunger back in evacuates the fluid into the syringe pot or into a larger container if necessary.

The supplied oil-resistant extraction tube is a useful 370mm long and features a sealing plug to stop leaks and drips.

An essential item More >



Armor All, the USA’s number one car care brand, has polished off ‘Best Wheel Wax’ in the Auto Express 2014 Product Awards, after its Shield for Wheels alloy wheelcare product out-performed all-comers.

This makes it two in a row for Armor All, having won ‘Best Wax & Polish’ in the 2013 Awards.

The product emerged as the clear winner with the citation from Auto Express reading: “It sets a new standard for wheel sealants and waxes. You just spray on and let it dry for an hour, and it was particularly easy to clean. It resisted grime build-up well and was still More >



Previous 3J press releases have alluded to their relentless drive to deliver an ever-increasing range of LSDs and that continues with the latest missive received from them, this week…

Dan Jones, 3J Driveline MD explained “Following a number of requests for Focus fitment LSDs we decided that they should become a priority. However, as with all our designs, we don’t just re-engineer a straight replacement. Fitments that make it into our range undergo a thorough engineering investigation that looks for ways to deliver an enhanced and supreme product. Working with a vehicle specialist through development aids us in delivering a product that addresses More >



Had a chance to sample the Bertini GT25 this week, and it’s a newcomer that I’ve been looking forward to driving, immensely.

As a fan of the BMW Z3, I think it’s a very logical choice for kitcar donor duties with less variables to confuse then with 3-Series. For a start they only made petrol versions and there was only a two-seat body option, although a fixed-head coupe was also produced you won’t be able to use it for Bertini duties.

You’re just left with 1.9-litre four cylinder or six cylinder units in 2-litre, 2.2-litre, 2.8, 3-litre and 3.2-litre forms.

We got a More >