A clutch is an essential component of a car with a manual gearbox and it can be a very trouble-free item. If they go wrong or you specify the incorrect replacement, you can be dealing with a real tin of worms.

Specialist help is at hand from Leeds-based, CG Motorsport, who are among the country’s leading experts on the subject offering advice and solutions in addition to the parts of AP Racing, Exedy and their own bespoke stuff…

Much like people are happy to spend upwards of £15,000 on their engine, safety critical items like dampers, brakes and the clutch are often More >



The NEW Advanced satnav series from Garmin ( is now available, bringing innovative new features such as Foursquare and Direct Access as well as a real glass pinch-to-zoom display for a more intuitive experience and the clearest possible picture.

With three different size options to choose from – 5in, 6in and 7in – the NEW Advanced Series offers you all the useful features you can expect from the nüvi satnav line, including highly accurate map data and turn by turn directions, while the pinch-to-zoom capability means you can quickly and easily get a closer look at any on-screen information, while the More >



This new high-quality 14-piece tool-kit from Kamasa (part no: 56081), offers an varied selection of metric combination spanners, pliers and adjustable wrench, plus a versatile pair of water pump pliers.

The metric spanner sizes are 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17 and 19mm. Also included are a pair of 200mm combination pliers, a 200mm adjustable wrench and a pair of 250mm water pump pliers with box-joint for solid, secure adjustment

All the tools are manufactured from chrome vanadium for strength and designed to be long-lasting.

Presented in a handy wall-mounted hanging rack, the 56081 set is available now at More >



A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away a talented young racing seat designer called Geoff Dunsford received a call from a well-known film studio, asking him to create a unique pair of very special seats for a forthcoming film. Shrouded in secrecy, the young Dunsford did just that, creating a stunning design that would appear on the big screen a couple of years later – in what would turn out to be the biggest science fiction film of all time…

Yes, you’ve guessed it – completely unbeknown to him, Geoff had created the iconic seats for the cockpit More >



Chris Greville-Smith of Vortex Auto, has quite a design pedigree and among his credits are the Phantom racecars, projects for mainstream manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover, MG Rover and Ford. Indeed, those distinctive ‘VVC’ wheels fitted the MGF in period are Chris’ handiwork.

The glorious and underrated Vortex GT also sits proudly on his CV and remains available, while he’s also grasped the concept of electric vehicles. The last couple of years has seen him working on the new Vortex V2, which has appeared at Stoneleigh in prototype form. Well, Chris, is pretty much ready to officially launch the car More >



I discovered a new company called EDT Automotive, back in July and was intrigued by their process, which uses a soya-based oil that cleanses the complete oil system of your engine in around 25-minutes via one of their machines.

It can handle petrol and diesel engines and intrigued, I volunteered my Audi A6 2.7-litre diesel as a ‘guinea pig’. It’s a car we use a lot for travelling around the country on business, especially as EDT boss David Holmes suggested that I: “Bring a car you know implicitly because you’ll be amazed.”

Therefore, I ventured down to one of the Kent-based company’s More >

Possibly the best glass cleaner I've ever used


Possibly the best glass cleaner I've ever used

For years I’ve been looking for a glass cleaner that does what is says. There’s no shortage of products out there, for sure. Most of them will do a job, although some leave streaks or are hard to remove leaving unsightly marks on the glass.

I don’t think I expect too much from a glass cleaning by hoping for it to clean glass without fuss. A product that arrived on my desk recently for appraisal is Invisible Glass and my initial tests have shown it to be the glass cleaner I’ve been searching for.

Supplied More >



Edelbrock now offers Do-It-Yourself crate engine kits for enthusiasts who want to build their own Edelbrock crate engine and already have a short-block ready for assembly.

Edelbrock’s engine kits are available for both early and late Chevy short-blocks. Consumers have two performance packages to choose from; the Performer 310 HP and the Performer RPM E-Tec 435 HP.

The Performer 310 HP kit is for use with a 1986 and earlier Chevy short-block (Gen 1). It includes everything a customer will need to build an Edelbrock Performer 310bhp, 8.5:1 crate engine (#45109).

Meanwhile, the Performer RPM 435 HP E-Tec kit is for use with More >



RECOIL THREAD REPAIR KITS are now available from Merlin Motorsport with prices from £23.99 inc VAT.

These are used to repair stripped threads and they can help save the day especially if you are a motorsport competitor or take in the odd trackday.

Even for jobs in the garage where you are working away and then get that sickening feeling when you just know that the bolt you are tightening-up has stripped its thread or that of the stud you are fixing it to. One of these kits will get you out of trouble.

More information from 01249 782 101 ENDS.

More >


New from Laser Tools is this very neat and compact set of low profile bits and sockets that is designed to reach fasteners when access is restricted (part number 5914). The bits feature both ¼in drive and 12mm hex drive and the set includes a 12mm combination ratchet spanner that will get the bits and sockets into these tight spaces.

Designed for a long service life, the bits are manufactured from SNCM/V alloy steel and the sockets are manufactured from chrome vanadium. Bit sizes: Hex: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10mm; Star: T27, T30, T40, T45 and T50; and Spline: More >