Swarfega’s products have been giving a helping hand to the hard workers of our nation, keeping skin in good nick and keeping generations of trades people hard at work for the past 70-years.

To celebrate this milestone, Swarfega has launched a limited-edition range of products, ‘Tough by Swarfega’, designed and built to work as hard as the people it’s made for.

The limited-edition range includes:

Hand cleaner: Swarfega knows a thing or two about getting hands clean without trashing the skin. This handy 250ml tube of hand cleaner is perfect for people on the move, it’s heavy duty and takes no prisoners; grease, More >


There are plenty of companies selling two-stage paint protection systems although I’m sure many of them have a ‘D Holliday’ as their director. Being cynical for a moment, I’d love to know how many new car dealers make a killing on selling a magic coating to their customers and charging up to a Monkey for the privilege.

Fact is that some of these processes do work, but let’s not get silly with price eh? Actually, this real-world solution from Airglide Ltd is a really high-quality product at a pocket-money price.

Their Single Car Paint Protection process is an acrylic polymer-based product applied More >


In 1974 with the introduction of the bigger disc brakes on the 1275 GT, the Mini began to move away from it’s cute little 10in rims, and fitted 145/70 boots, onto 12in wheels, instead.

For some considerable time now, a proper tyre has not been available to compliment the handling of these sporty and fun little cars that are such an endearing part of the British driving culture, not to mention the thousands that have been used as kitcar donors.

The good news is that Michelin has stepped up to the mark and filled the gap with the reintroduction of the perfect More >


It’s not every day we get a product press release like this….VW Heritage has managed to turn up five new old stock Brazilian Beetle chassis that have been gathering dust in a warehouse for the past twenty years!

We’re not sure how or why they’ve spent this long hidden in the dark, but it is great news for those with Beetles with flaky floors or those who want to build a Beach Buggy or Speedster replica from the ground up.

Complete with brakes, ball-joint front axle, and a gearbox already in place, it only needs some wheels, a steering column and an More >


Invented by a United States Air Force aircraft mechanic Grypmat could just be a very special product that will greatly help you in the garage and/or workshop.

Fed up with not being able to reach tools and nuts and bolts to hand while working on jet aircraft, he decided to create his own tool-tray, which has ended-up winning crowd-funding and entering production as Grypmat.

It’s a funky, orange-coloured non-slip, non-magnetic and chemical resistant anti-static rubber tool-tray that keeps your tools and fasteners in place. It’s really advanced stuff and it can be placed at any angle, with not so much as a More >


Top Gloss from car care product specialist’s Autobrite Direct is pretty self-explanatory if you think about it although it’s worth taking a closer look at it, I think.

It gives a mirror-like finish to your car’s bodywork and can also be used on glass, rubber and plastics. No effort is required aside from tipping the prescribed amount into a bucket or soap dispenser from a pressure washer.

I tried both ways and I have to say it worked like Autobrite said it should. A 500ml bottle costs £10 and other sizes are available, right up to 5-litres.

More information from or 01782 623 More >


FF Buggy re-launched

If you’ve been following the kitcar scene for a few years the name FF Kit Cars & Conversions was a popular manufacturer producing a nice range of beach buggies, from 1983.

Founded by a nice chap called Tim Cooksey the company sold a good number of their Beetle-based kits especially in long wheelbase format. In 1986, the kit moved to Country Volks.

TV presenter, Anneka Rice used a pair of FFs in her ‘Challenge Anneka’ TV show (built by Stevespeed) before she moved on to a beefier Dakar, but the FF kit was a pretty looking buggy, although clearly inspired More >


New from Hawk Cars and joining their growing range of own-made parts for Cobras and Stratos’ are these cast mounting brackets and slave cylinders for five or six-bolt bellhousings for Cobra 289 and six-bolt items for Ford 302 V8. Priced from £182 and available now from or 01892 750 341 ENDS.


I hate old and discoloured-looking tyres and they can really ruin the appearance of an otherwise clean car that you have spent a few hours washing and polishing.

However, Infinity Rubber Wax should help you achieve and maintain a better look, as the maker’s claim that it returns faded sidewalls to showroom-like condition leaving them with a subtle sheen rather than false over-glossy look.

Also, via the soft applicator included in the pack the product is solvent-free so won’t perish the tyres while water will bead-up on the sidewall, too. It impressed me.

Infinity Rubber Wax costs £14.99 inc VAT and is available More >


Fidanza has just released a short shifter for all models of the Mk1 (1990-2000) five-speed Mazda MX-5.

A Fidanza short-shifter will help sharpen and smooth the gear changes by shortening the distance between gear positions with a shorter throw. It weighs just 1.36kg.

The shifter comes as a complete bolt-in assembly that totally replaces the original shift. All that you have to transfer is the gear knob and the gaiter boot!

For more information on Fidanza’s aluminium flywheels, adjustable cam gears, premium clutches or to find a dealer in your area, visit

In the UK Fidanza products can be ordered through Cambridge Motorsport More >