New from MNR Ltd is this neat thick quick-release steering wheel spacer designed for three-point Lifeline fitments for circuit-use. Made in the MNR workshops from anodised billet aluminium and is priced at just £7.20 inc VAT.

More information from or 01423 780 196 ENDS.


To commemorate an exciting summer of sporting success, AlloyGator has announced that it has introduced two new celebratory colour variations to its award-winning alloy wheel protection range.

Guaranteed to turn heads, the new sporty and extravagant gold and bronze options are perfect for sportscar fans and motorists who want to give their car the winning touch, ensuring that they capture the admiring attention of other road users.

“It has been a golden summer for Great Britain with some fantastic performances from the British Olympians and Paralympians competing in Rio. They have treated us to some unforgettable sporting moments and we thought what More >


Here’s a sound dampening product that a few people have used and told me about so it only seems right to include it here. A well-recommended product is always welcomed here to these pages.

RetroMat Dampening isn’t officially available in the UK, but I know one chap who imported some, while another brought a quantity back with him in his luggage from a US trip.

The manufacturer’s, RetroMat specialise in cool-looking retro sound systems and their sound deadening material is a logical by-product of that. It’s a self-adhesive product that reduces noise and vibration, while you don’t need glue to stick it More >


This new flexible honing brush set from Gunson (part number 77135), includes three silicon carbide brushes: 8mm (width) x 80 grit, 12mm x 60 grit and 200m x 60 grit.

Ideal for cleaning and preparing brake wheel cylinders, etc, each brush is a resilient, flexible honing tool and is used to improve the internal surface finish while also being able to deburr a bore or cylinder. Also useful for cleaning suspension components when there is corrosion on tapers and cotter pin housings, etc.

The 1/4in quick change shank makes the brushes quick and convenient to use, recommended drill speed is 300-700rpm. The More >


Latest model from the pencil of Stuart Mills of Mills Extreme Vehicles is the Exoleader although it will be badged and sold as an ‘AM’ as it’s been developed for Czech Republic-based, MW Motors, with whom Mills collaborated on the Luka electric vehicle.

The Exoleader has been developed from the very popular Rocket model but has revised suspension geometry, longer front wishbones, better weight distribution and according to Stuart, a stiffer exo-skeletal chassis.

Unlike the Rocket that usually has a 1.6-litre Ford Sigma engine, the Exoleader although developed around Toyota Corolla T-Sport unit delivering 190bhp, production versions will feature the all-new Ford More >


It’s all good at MNR Sportscars

With David Watson now working alongside Marc Nordon at MNR Sportscars Ltd, the company are launching an increasing amount of universal performance parts machined in their own workshop in deepest North Yorkshire.

Their new wet sump kit for Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade (2008-2009) is just one of their inventory and it replaces the engine’s original sump, which isn’t really viable when using the engine in a car application.

MNR’s two-piece billet aluminium alloy solution is CNC-machined and comes complete with stainless steel baffle and a modified pick-up. The unit prevents oil surge and the standard dipstick can be More >


Vindicator F4 Open Day Saturday 15th October 2016, 10 – 4pm at Vindiworld.

A chance to visit and find out more about the Vindicator F4, a car inspired by the F4 Phantom jet fighter.  The car started life as a sketch on a piece of graph paper, and has matured into what you see here. It’s now almost in its final incarnation after further refinements, which included a change from a 2.5-litre engine with manual gearbox to a 3-litre automatic, working canopies, and a colour change from the original silver bodywork to a deep cherry/black.

Canopies up, ready for the next co-pilot!

There More >


Merlin Motorsport was frustrated at not being able to find a quick and easy method to adjust anti-roll bars on their own racing cars. They searched the market for a universal solution to this problem but found nothing. So they produced their own red anodised quick and easy solution to adjust roll bar clamp position.

ANTI ROLL SLIDE CLAMPS are priced from £13.99 inc VAT – 5/16 hole for the drop-link spherical bearing to suit 25mm, 22mm, 19mm, 16mm and 13mm O.D. anti-roll bars.

They also stock other hardware needed to fit an anti-roll bar including roll-bar blocks and mounting plates. Go to More >


The word ‘legend’ is bandied around far too readily nowadays, all too often applied with no real thought or perspective. One firm we think more than warrants ‘legendary’ status though is Forge Motorsport, the Gloucestershire based aftermarket parts supplier that has been a stalwart of the UK’s modified car scene for an amazing twenty years in 2016. Such a mammoth milestone deserves a special celebration, so the guys at Forge have opted to throw open the doors of their HQ for a handful of lucky customers to tour and enjoy.

Forge Motorsport might now be one of this country’s best-established and More >


A new addition to Laser’s Tool Control range, where essential tools are provided in a compact tool tray designed to fit neatly into the tool chest or roll cab drawer, this hammer and chisel kit (part number 6595) includes two hammers plus seven additional chisels and punches.

The engineer’s hammer is a useful 320gm weight and the split-head soft-face hammer provides high impact and durability with non-damaging hammer striking. Both hammers are beautifully balanced, professional quality and feature hickory handles.

Two chisels are provided, a 15mm flat chisel and a very useful 5mm cap chisel. The addition of three pin punches (3, More >