Although the weather in my little corner of the UK has turned milder there has and undoubtedly will be some inclement and seriously cold spells to come and leading car care brand Holts Auto has a few potential solutions to help keep you on the road and your cars looking tip-top.

Check your coolant/anti-freeze levels. Prestone Coolant/Anti-freeze – is the US number one selling coolant product. It can be mixed with any other coolant, is guaranteed for all cars and protects down to -37 degrees celsius.

Keep your windscreen clear. Check your screenwash levels and top-up if needed with Prestone Extreme Performance Screenwash. It More >


Driving and riding through the winter months can really take its toll on cars and motorcycles. Vehicles have to deal with the effects of rain and snow and when the weather turns really cold there’s the added impact of salt on the roads. While it may keep the roads free from ice and safer to drive on, it is bad news for motorists and motorcyclists alike, who are trying to keep their bikes and cars looking good and free from corrosion.

Fortunately, there is help at hand from XCP Professional. The company’s range of spray lubricants provide the highest standards in More >


New from Summit Racing and BluePrint Engines is this turnkey 350/365bhp Small Block Chevy crate engine

The crate engine experts at BluePrint Engines have come up with a high output, turnkey small block Chevy 350 for a very competitive price. The engine produces 365bhp and 405 lb/ft of torque and comes with everything but a set of headers.

The Turnkey 350/365 engine is a perfect drop-in powerplant for street rods, muscle cars and kitcars, and each one is shipped with complete dyno test results and suggested tuning specifications.

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Increasingly often thieves are unlocking and stealing vehicles while the unsuspecting owner is indoors with their car key.

Thieves are using signal amplifiers to take the weak signal from the key-fob in your house and amplify it to make it seen by your vehicle as if it was right in their hands.

Putting your Keyless Entry Car Key Fob in the B-G Faraday bag blocks the signal therefore stopping thieves from amplifying it and unlocking your car.

With a rise in vehicle keyless entry systems there has been a steady increase in the number of thefts as the technology to manipulate these systems More >


Available from Merlin Motorsport now are these superb entry-level Longacre Accuset II corner weight scales, which are simple to use and come with an un-cluttered display for fast and easy set-up.

There are just two buttons, which give all the information you require – push one for four wheel weights and cross weight, then press the second one for all partial percentage weights. A snip at £1255 inc VAT.

Also available are the ‘wireless’ version, which uses 802.15.4 DSSS wireless protocol at 2.3Ghz for ultra-reliable results. These cost £1975 inc VAT.

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The original Lucas base tooling for the Mini Clubman front indicator lights was scrapped years ago but Mini Spares has come to the rescue of Clubman owners with a faithful reproduction of the parts.

The Mini Spares front sidelight and indicator lamp units will also fit Lotus and Maxi applications. The lamp units come as complete assemblies and include lamp seals and lens to lamp seal rubbers. Parts are also available separately if required.

Order as part number ADU3017 for left hand unit at £66.60 inc VAT. Order as part number ADU3018 for right hand unit at £66.60 inc VAT.

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The DiamondFIRE 6CDI Digital Ignition has digital micro-processor-controlled circuitry to precisely deliver multiple sparks up to 3000 RPM for faster acceleration and improved throttle response.

The 6CDI delivers 525-volts and up to 130mJ of spark energy, more than enough to light up a high-performance, short oval, or bracket drag race engine.

The DiamondFIRE 6CDI Digital Ignition is compatible with even-fire 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder engines and 12-volt negative ground electrical systems. A wiring harness and mounting hardware are included.

Summit Racing also sells the DiamondFIRE External 2-Step Rev Control compatible with the 6CDI. Two easy to read rotary dials allow you to set More >


It’s all too easy to forget that Wolfrace’s range is as large as it is, and while many of the firm’s most prominent offerings can be found in the Eurosport range, there are plenty of other, equally attractive designs. The Milano is the latest release within the Wolfrace GB line.

The Milano is an exclusive wheel and can only be ordered in one, suitably high-end finish, Titanium, a colour which serves to underline its sporting nature. The Milano can be ordered in an impressive selection of different sizes though, with the smallest, a svelte 5.5x14in. Even the largest version of the More >


‘It’s not a Replica; it’s a Revolution’, so says Wade Morrison of Phoenix, Arizona-based  Stärke Automotive who recently announced a very new take on the age-old and cherished Porsche 356 Speedster theme.

Called the Stärke 357 Revolution, the cars are based on Porsche Boxster 986, 987 or 987 ‘facelift’ generations, which means a donor aged between 1998 – 2012 with power from 225bhp to 400bhp.

For a start the Stärke models are much larger than a classic 356 Speedster, as the Boxster is huge by comparison, but for many it’s certainly going to offer a welcome change from Volkswagen Beetle floorpan, suspension More >


XPart’s general manager, Stephen George, looking forward to an exciting future for the Hinckley-based MG parts specialists

The last remaining element of the former MG Rover Car Company, the parts division, operating as XPart, became part of the Leacy Motor Group recently.

XPart was sold by MG Rover to the then Caterpillar Logistics organisation in August 2004, which in turn became part of Neovia Logistics in 2012. Now, XPart has become a key part of the Leacy Motor Group, specialist parts suppliers.

The MG parts maestros will continue to operate from its existing base in Hinckley, Leicestershire by the side of the A5 trunk More >