Woolies, those gurus of trim, now has a comprehensive range of Moquette, the plush wool-pile fabric as used on seat backs, trim panels and rear wheel arches of classic cars.  Colours available are Blue, Beige, Suede Green, Red, Black and Mulberry.

It comes 50in wide and costs £65 per linear metre.

Meanwhile, Woolies also has two brand new neoprene sponge cords, part no 254b 3mm/1/8in diameter, which is ideal for a seal around headlights and instrument panels and costs just 80p per linear metre. They also have 254c 13mm/½in diameter, which is great for making a large soft piping.

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This new hand-held thermal imaging camera from Laser Tools (part number 6515) combines the function of a surface measuring infrared thermometer with real-time thermal imaging.

The device translates thermal energy (heat) into visible light (on screen) to enable analysis of a particular object or area. Instead of just getting a figure for the temperature, you get an on-screen image showing the actual temperature differences of a surface. This lets you see the heat so you know exactly where to target the measurement spot. Easily find unseen hot and cold spots for instant troubleshooting.

The Laser 6515 provides fast temperature readings without physically touching More >


The B-G Racing Wireless Race Scale pads are produced from aluminium with a ribbed construction for maximum strength and almost zero deflection.

The wireless technology eliminates the need for cables all over the floor of your workshop and allows you to move around your car with the wireless control pad in your hands.

The easy-to-use wireless control pad displays the vehicle’s four corner weights, the axle weights, the cross-weights and percentages all at once. The control pad display and configuration can be changed to suit the user’s preference and features a low power consumption level.

A mains power adaptor is included for the More >


Here’s a way to extract some extra performance from the five-bearing ‘B’ Series 1800cc engine as used in the 1968-1980 MGB, without making any modifications to the engine’s internals.

A Fidanza lightweight flywheel can easily be installed when you replace the clutch and will bring the following benefits:

  • Faster throttle response and quicker acceleration • Additional horsepower to the wheels (reduced parasitic losses) • Smoother, faster shifting • Easier braking, better slowing (due to reduced rotational mass) • Reduced clutch wear and improved efficiency (from better heat dissipation) • Cost savings and longevity (Fidanza’s replaceable green friction plate means there’s no need More >


Mini Spares and Dooderwear have once again collaborated to produce these new Giant Slayer T-Shirts.

The design features a David and Goliath style racing scene with a Mk1 Cooper ‘S’ holding off a Ford Galaxie, which is a tribute to the Minis that raced so successfully against the huge American V8s in the early Sixties.

The shirts are available in sizes ranging from UK small, all the way to XXL and are available in, Blue, Green, Texas Orange and Red with an RRP 15 each inc VAT.

For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit www.minispares.com ENDS.


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It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference to how a car drives, and rarely has this rung truer than when discussing MX5Parts’ range of aftermarket interior parts, and in particular their new leather clad gearknobs.

Based upon the firm’s already highly successful chrome gearknobs, the leather clad versions can be had in either red, black, light or dark tan, and will fit any MX5 with a manual transmission up to the Mk3.75 (1989-2015). Weighing in at a chuck-able 170gm, the leather gearknobs promise an improved gear shift experience, and therefore an improved driving experience overall.

Fitment is both simple More >


With so many smokers now switching to what I believe is called ‘vaping’ or e-cigarettes, the vapour from these devices can leave a residue on your car’s glass that regular glass cleaners and polishes can find hard to deal with.

Power Maxed has developed a product called VG Vapers Glass Cleaner that the company says deals with vaping residue vey easily as the low-viscous solution works equally well on glass and mirrors.

A 500ml spray bottle costs £8.99 and is available now via www.powermaxed.com ENDS.


Welcome to totalkitcar online

WARM welcome to totalkitcar online…crikey, reading the latest press release from Great British Sports Cars this week made me chuckle. Nothing funny about their missive, you understand, but something within it got me thinking about a long ago, very different kitcar industry …

You can now buy a GBS Zero using finance to fund your purchase. Another example for an old kitcar dinosaur like me that just how far this industry has come since I first got involved with plastic cars in the early eighties.

If you mentioned the ‘words’ ‘hire purchase’ to Jem Marsh of Marcos he would have More >


New AIM digital dash option for Ultima Evolution

New option for Ultima builders and customers of the Evolution model, which is an all-singing; all dancing AIM digital dashboard that allows all sorts of information to accessed including stuff like lap timing and datalogging. The cost is £810 inc VAT although you will also need the carbon fibre surround at £354 inc VAT.

More information from www.ultimasports.co.uk or 01455 631 366 ENDS.


One of the UK’s leading specialist car manufacturer’s, Gardner Douglas Sports Cars is moving to new premises and from April 1, 2017 can be found at – Retro House, Swingbridge Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG31 7XT.

The new facility offers the company more space plus has a ten-car showroom and they’ll be holding a factory open day on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Smart new HQ for Gardner Douglas

More information from www.gdcars.com or 01949 843 299 ENDS.