Kärcher has unveiled their newest and most advanced High Pressure Washer range for 2016 allowing you to take full control of your home. The Kärcher Pressure Washer is perfect for taking on all of your cleaning needs, from transforming your outdoor patio to washing your car.

Brand new to the 2016 High Pressure Washer range are the Full Control machines, with an LED display built directly into the trigger gun, giving you more clarity than ever before on the perfect setting for a range of household jobs.

This exciting addition to the Kärcher Pressure Washer family transforms outdoor cleaning methods by choosing More >


Mini Spares proudly advertise the fact that they hold the largest stocks of Mini spares in the world. The sheer size of those stocks only really becomes apparent when you take a look at their latest 2016 catalogue – all 108 pages of it are filled with tightly packed, and yet clear, listings of Mini Spares’ most popular parts.

Whether you are replacing original parts, sourcing modern alternatives for parts that are now obsolete, finding cheaper, yet reliable substitutes for expensive factory parts or finding parts to modify or race your Mini, you’ll find them all in here.

You can obtain your More >


Despite being over forty years old the Ford Essex 3-litre V6 is still a popular and potent engine for classic Fords, kitcars and hot rods alike.

Unfortunately, age also brings with it the problem of OEM parts becoming obsolete. One of these is the carburettor ‘W’ plate, which is essential to ensure the fuel-air mixture is evenly distributed to all six-cylinders.

For quite some time owners have had little option but to source secondhand ‘W’ plates, but now Webcon has come to the rescue with a faithful reproduction of the original part. The new part has the benefit of being made from More >


Edelbrock has announced a new Rollin’ Thunder camshaft for Chrysler 426-572 HEMI® engines.

Edelbrock Rollin’ Thunder hydraulic roller camshafts are designed to improve horsepower and torque, produce a great sounding performance idle and provide sufficient vacuum. They feature more aggressive lift profiles than conventional flat-tappet hydraulic cams, without excessive valve overlap that can compromise low rpm drivability.

The new Rollin’ Thunder camshaft (#2212) is designed specifically for use with Chrysler 426-572 HEMI engines. This camshaft features a unique profile that will provide sufficient vacuum at idle for power brakes and other vacuum powered accessories.

The camshaft package includes assembly lube and instructions (lifters More >


A comfortable and ergonomic driving position is vital for safe driving, both on the road and on the track.

The ergonomic driver to wheel distance may be difficult to achieve with aftermarket seats and steering wheels and the fact that some racing classes now demand fixed position seats.

B-G steering wheel spacers are designed to bring the steering wheel closer to the driver for improved steering input and driver comfort and are multi-drilled for both 6x70mm and 6x74mm PCD bolt patterns to accommodate the majority of aftermarket steering wheels.

The two-bolt patterns allow the spacers to be used as a hub spacer and/or More >


The original Mini is one of those rare cars that blurs the boundary between the car world and the real world, no mean feat when its decidedly humble origins are taken into account. The 1960s saw it become about as fashionable as is possible for a small, mass-market car to be, a truly classless icon that was just as at home in Mayfair as it was in Middlesbrough.

The Mini lived on long after the sixties though, into the decade that taste forgot and then the go-getting 80s. It soldiered right on through the 1990s and was only finally replaced at More >


Powerflex has just introduced two different options for uprating the rear control arm used on BMW E36, E46, Z1, X3 and Z4. The first is a complete replacement rear control arm kit.

PFR5-4615G Adjustable Rear Control Arm provides on-car rear camber adjustment, allowing a +1.0° to -3.0° change for precision alignment. This can be used to correct excessive camber on heavily lowered cars.

These arms include high performance polyurethane bushes that are suitable for road and track use without the discomfort and poor longevity issues associated with spherical joints with an RRP of £143.94 inc VAT.

Alternatively, PFR5-4616 Rear Control Arm Inner Bush More >


A product that had fascinated me for a while turned out to be as exciting as I hoped once I got the chance to check it out at first hand at last week’s Race Retro stand, where GaugePilot was sharing a portion of exclusive agent’s, Holden Vintage & Classic’s stand.

Taking styling cues from the classic Speedmaster display, GaugePilot is a digital version from two UK engineers, offering a staggering 32-channels of data. It’s the ultimate onboard information system for classic, motorsport and of course, discerning kitcar owner.

A crystal clear LCD non-reflective display, fitted into a period-looking unit (polished or crackle More >


Superb new Suzuki Hayabusa engine kit launched last weekend at Race Retro by product development specialist’s Vetech, based in Buxton, Derbyshire. The rapid prototype experts have re-packaged the Hayabusa, complete with gearbox, into a 1299cc monster delivering 190bhp and have come up with a ‘plug and play’ package to suit the Classic Mini.

Courtesy of the company’s fiendishly clever drive system that incorporates reverse gear along with a Q      uaife ATB limited slip differential, packaging is first class.

So impressive is it, with billet engine mounts and the like that it looks OE quality and doesn’t require any modification to the Mini’s More >



Jenvey Dynamics has launched a new downdraft individual throttle body (ITB) kit for the Chevrolet LS7 V8 engine. The CKCT05T kit, is the first to feature the company’s new spigot-body design and offers the most compact downdraft ITB solution for the LS7 engine on the market.

“The Chevrolet LS7 engine is growing in popularity as a powerplant in race series and as a donor for sports and kitcar manufacturers, tuners and enthusiasts,” said Jenvey Dynamics managing director, Mike Jenvey.

“Supporting our reputation for innovation, we have provided an aftermarket induction set-up that provides tangible improvements to power, drivability and throttle response alongside More >