The Raptor chassis protectant product has already come to the rescue of VW restorers with their range of protective coatings, and now they’ve released a world-beating Epoxy Primer to complement it.

Tested with 1000 hours’ worth of salt water spray, this paint on preserver can be used in conjunction with any top coat, not just Raptor.  Available from parts specialists VW Heritage, it is sold in 1-litre and 5-litre tins and a little is said to go a long way.

Treat individual components or an entire chassis, the choice is yours and a VW Heritage spokesperson told me: “You won’t find a More >


This new high output Clarke IG3500F inverter generator from Machine Mart is ideal for trade and leisure use, providing a stable ready source of electrical power.

It delivers a 3400W max output and 3200W continuous-rated power via 2x230V AC and 1x12V/8A DC outputs. It also features an easy start 4-stroke, 5.5HP, 208cc engine with an Eco-throttle system for greater fuel efficiency.

With reduced running costs and a minimum noise level of only 96dB, it also features a handy fuel gauge. Featuring ‘Sine Wave Technology’ it ensures the delivery of clean and stable power, vital when running sensitive electrical/electronic equipment such as TVs, More >


Rust is a formidable opponent. When battling the onslaught of iron oxide, it pays to choose your protection from a proven source like Dupli-Color. Using 80-years of automotive coating expertise and its exclusive rust prevention technology, Dupli-Color makes Rust Barrier Coatings that effectively seal corrosion.

These professional-grade coatings create an abrasion- and impact-resistant, flexible rubberised finish that looks great and is hard to penetrate. Simply apply the coating directly over rusted or bare metal surfaces by brush, roller, HVLP spray gun, or aerosol can.

Wait an hour and the surface is dry to the touch; in three hours the surface is ready for More >


A tasty offer from coffee on the go maestros, Handpresso is the Handcoffee Auto. An ideal Christmas gift for and superb for long drives when you can’t always get to a coffee shop and/or need a break.

Handcoffee Auto makes it possible to prepare 80 to 110 ml coffees with soft Senseo® type pods. Easy and convenient, you prepare your coffee in a maximum of four minutes without leaving your vehicle. You stop whenever or wherever you want.

After use, you store it all in its bag so you always have the machine, pods, and cups close at hand. It retails at More >



The drink drive breathalyser was 50-years old recently. Police carried out the first roadside breath test on a motorist in Shropshire on October 8, 1967.

Prior to that, the criteria for prosecution were somewhat less scientific – whether you could touch your nose with your eyes shut, walk in a straight line or stand on one leg.

Back in 1967 there were 1640 road fatalities attributed to alcohol. Since then, there’s been an eight-fold reduction in the number of deaths alongside a dramatic increase in car ownership.

But 200 people a year still die in accidents where at least one driver is over More >


We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but the British summer is already over, it’s already autumn and it’ll be winter before you know it, a season dominated by driving rain, freezing conditions and the odd bit of snow. Said conditions can be incredibly harmful to cars, especially if they’re older or ‘classic’ in nature, hence why Autoglym recommends applying a layer of High Definition (HD) Wax as an additional, last line of defense against the British winter.

Many people fail to realise that while it’s undoubtedly true that winter weather has the potential to degrade your car’s bodywork, More >


The manual impact driver is a quick and trusted solution for corroded or frozen fixings, for example, over-torqued wheel nuts. The newly introduced Impact Power Bar (part number 6946) from Laser Tools offers advantages over the traditional impact driver.

While keeping your hand well away from the hammer, the 370mm bar places increased leverage on the fastener. Much more leverage than can be applied with a standard impact driver. This keeps the socket or driver bit snug against the fastener and stops rebound so that the full force of the hammer impact is transmitted.

It’s especially useful with smaller fasteners — you More >


New from Better Car Lighting are these compact high-power LED dual colour bulbs that will help alleviate the problems of dull white front indicators.

As Better Car Lighting boss, Gil Keane says: “We all know that cars that signal their intention to slow down and then turn across your path with a white flashing light are dangerous on modern roads and many a swear-box has been filled because of them.

“I brought out my first dual colour white/orange upgrade LED bulb to deal with this problem around four years ago, and asked customers to tell me what they liked and didn’t like, More >


New from Rally Design are these new ‘stepper’ gauges.  The 80mm stepper tacho (0-10,000 rpm) and 80mm speedo (0-180 mph) are uniquely available from Rally Design although like the others in the range offer competitive value for money.

All of the gauges feature Stepmaster electronics, while the edge has a very smart gunmetal finish, with fetching switchable white or orange LED illumination.

The range will be on show on the Rally Design stand (number 4-610) in Hall 4 at the NEC Classic Show, November 10-12, 2017 or visit www.rally or call them on 01227 792 792 ENDS.

More >


Few styles of wheel have been as popular in recent years as those with ‘bladed’ spokes, with a certain, Ingolstadt-based car maker probably able to take much of the credit for popularising the style. Wolfrace has always been adept at spotting changes in the market and developing related products to suit, which is why the UK’s longest-standing wheel manufacturer can supply the Genesis, a stunning, ‘bladed’ alloy in a wide variety of sizes, finishes and fitments.

The Genesis is dominated by its five-spoke face, with each sporting a prominent twist partway along their length. This twist becomes more pronounced as the More >