Wheel nuts and air impact wrenches – strictly speaking an impact wrench is designed to loosen fixings rather than tighten them but with wheel nuts it is very tempting to speed things up by using the impact wrench to refit them, and of course this can lead to over-tightening.

Wheel nuts are safety critical items and should always be tightened with a torque wrench, and aside from the obvious problem that over-tightened nuts (ooer-missus) may be difficult (or impossible) to undo, there is always the danger of stripped threads, or wheel studs and bolts stretching and becoming brittle.

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New from Car Builder Solutions is this classic-style paper-covered aluminium ducting with 70mm i/d.

This type of product was regularly found on induction and ventilation systems on countless classic cars and can be bent to shape and is easily cut with a sharp knife. It has a maximum operating temperature of 120°c. Six different sizes are available.

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If you are in need of some Goodridge hoses, brake or oil lines and associated paraphernalia, then Merlin Motorsport, based at Castle Combe circuit, can help.

They are an official Goodridge G-Tec workshop and as a result can tailor-make anything of this nature to your specification as well as one-off adaptors for more unusual applications.

For more information contact or 01249 782 101 ENDS.



Celebrate the birth of VW’s iconic Bus in style with this striking retro-design unisex apron. Made from quality cotton, the neck loop features an adjusting buckle with a matching blue waist-tie so it can be made to fit all shapes and sizes.

There’s even a deep, double-sized front pocket to keep all those kitchen utensils close at hand. In a nutshell, it would be ideal for any VW lover (or any car fan really) that loves to cook or BBQ.

As a fully licensed VW product, the apron carries the VW logo and would make the perfect Christmas gift. Order now for More >


Owners of MG TFs and cars using the same key fob remote transmitter be interested to hear that XPart has addressed the issue of buying new replacements, which are now scarce by finding a supplier with the expertise to manufacture the plastic casing, rubber switch moulding and printed circuit board.

Once they’d found the right partner, XPart invested in new tooling for the assembly of the component parts resulting in a UK-made replacement with an updated circuit board that uses less power.

The fob comes with both Rover (25 and ZR) and MG badges for the owner to unpeel and apply. Part More >


New from Summit Racing are these Zex Nitrous kits.

Add one to your engine and enjoy extra horsepower upwards of 450bhp depending on the system.

ZEX Perimeter Plate nitrous systems provide optimum spray efficiency by placing nitrous and fuel outlets at twelve injection points around the perimeter of the intake manifold opening.

A more efficient system means more horsepower. Or have some nitrous-injected fun with a ZEX Safe Shot system. It installs in less than an hour and adds 15-35bhp to most EFI-powered vehicles via a nitrous nozzle fitted into the air intake tube. 

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Several years after they withdrew the GTM Libra and Spyder projects from sale, Westfield Sports Cars are planning to bring back heavily-revised versions in 2018 under the Westfield-GTM model name.

Visually the cars will still be familiar albeit with a few styling amendments but it’s under the skin where the big changes are coming. Out goes the monocoque tub, front and rear subframes and trailing arm suspension at the rear to be replaced by a spaceframe chassis and wishbone suspension, while engine choices will be Ford EcoBoost 2-litre, a hybrid and also full electric.

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Radiator and general cooling experts, Coolex Heat Transfer Ltd has just moved into new premises, a former ambulance station in the Daybrook suburb of Nottingham, while according to boss, Steve Parker, they’ve also added some real state of the art machinery, while they were at it.

They can now be found at – Former Ambulance Station, 1, Salop Street, Daybrook, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. NG5 6HP and you can reach them on 0115 942 3344 or ENDS.


Damar International is one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of professional grade tools, toolboxes, and other essential automotive hardware, yet the firm is also able to supply an array of equally important yet all too often ignored products, including its latest offering, Worx All Natural Hand Cleaner, which has been the hand cleaner of choice in the TKC/totalkitcar workshop for several years, now.

It’s all too easy for mechanics and automotive technicians to overlook, or at least forget, the fact that they work with potentially harmful substances on a daily basis. Every car, from the oldest to the most immaculate, More >


The manual impact driver is a quick and trusted solution for corroded or frozen fixings, for example, over-torqued wheel nuts. The newly introduced Impact Power Bar (part number 6946) from Laser Tools offers advantages over the traditional impact driver.

While keeping your hand well away from the hammer, the 370mm bar places increased leverage on the fastener. Much more leverage than can be applied with a standard impact driver. This keeps the socket or driver bit snug against the fastener and stops rebound so that the full force of the hammer impact is transmitted.

It’s especially useful with smaller fasteners — you More >