New from Machine Mart are these new Jet pressure washers available in three variants:

JET 7500

Motor power 1600W

Max. Pump Pressure 2030psi/140bar

Water flow 400ltr/hr

Hose Length 5m

Weight 14.65kg

Wheel mounted

Only £149.99 inc VAT

JET 8500

Powerful 2100W motor

Max. Pump Pressure 2610psi/180bar

Water flow 420ltr/hr

Hose Length 5m

Weight 19.15kg

Steel lance

Large 160mm spoked wheels for easy manoeuvrability

Only £179.98 inc VAT

JET 9500

Powerful 2400W motor

Max. Pump Pressure 2900psi/200bar

Water Flow 420ltr/hr

Hose Length 8m

Weight 21.6kg

Steel lance

Large 160mm spoked wheels for easy manoeuvrability

Only £215.98 inc VAT

More information available from ENDS.

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New from Summit Racing is the Mothers Speed Car Care range of products, one of America’s leading brands.

The comprehensive line up of Speed products keeps all your surfaces – plastics, paint, carpets, and even chrome –  in pristine condition.

The range features –

Speed Clay 2.0

Don’t let the name fool you. Speed Clay 2.0 is comprised of a rubber polymer with a built-in ergonomic handgrip for better control when your hands are wet. It works quickly to remove water spots, dust, tree sap, bird droppings, light oxidation, paint overspray, brake dust, and other contaminants embedded in your paint. Speed Clay stops deterioration More >


Boom Mat’s regular aluminium damping material has long been used to reduce vibration and noise while providing insulation to protect against extreme heat and cold.

Now, meet Boom Mat Flex, a material that is pliable enough to be used anywhere in a vehicle, even in the most challenging areas such as those with tight curves. Unlike Boom Mat Aluminium, Boom Mat Flex easily conforms to odd shapes and tighter bends making it ideal to use inside wheel wells, mudguards or around tubing and pipes.

This new flexible peel and stick damping material are available in packs of two, four or ten.

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Fidanza Performance has announced that it has reintroduced its range of lightweight aluminium flywheels for classic Triumphs.

The range includes……… Spitfire 1967-1972 – 1300cc engine Spitfire 1975-1980 – 1500cc engine TR4 1961-1965 – will also fit TR2 & TR3 if TR4 starter is used TR4A 1965-1967 TR6 1971-1975 – 2.5-litre engine

Fidanza lightweight flywheels offer… • Faster throttle response and quicker acceleration • Additional horsepower to the wheels by reducing parasitic losses due to flywheel weight • Smoother, faster gear shifting • Easier braking, better slowing due to reduced rotational mass • Reduced clutch wear and improved efficiency from better heat dissipation More >


Ring Automotive has created a range of four LED inspection torches that give exceptional light output without the bulk of an inspection lamp. They are specifically designed to withstand tough workshop conditions – perfect for automotive professionals and car enthusiasts.

Complementing Ring’s award-winning range of inspection lamps, the four Zoom Inspection Torches are made from high quality, durable aluminium – lightweight and able to withstand knocks and drops in a tough environment.

Product Manager, Jim Gross said: “We have developed a range of small, lightweight torches to light-up even the darkest areas of an engine bay. Being smaller and lighter means torches More >


Just in time for the new season, this very neat car wash kit from Gunson (part number 77150), contains everything you need to keep your cherished car looking its best.

The kit includes a handy folding bucket, a car washing mitt, large sponge (includes a ribbed area for easy insect removal), a wheel brush, a microfibre cloth and a window squeegee cleaner. With everything stowing neatly in the compact carrying case, the kit is ideal when travelling to a car show, and is also very useful for the caravan or boat owner.

An ideal gift for the classic car owner or anyone More >


Lincolnshire-based Martin Batho is a clever lad. Over 25-years’ experience in sheet-metal work and welding fabrication means that he is a bit of a dab-hand at making anything you want out of the material.

Several years ago, he produced his own aluminium-bodied Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar and made a rather nice job of it. He decided to offer a kit version commercially and impressed lots of people at last year’s Stoneleigh kitcar show and suitably encouraged he has spent the last 12-months developing it further and will be at this year’s show with the latest version of the MB1.

It really is a More >


If you are into advanced car care and detailing then you know that a dryer is a good addition to your armoury as it speeds up the time it takes to get rid of water from various parts of your car.

The Blaster SideKick, from Killer Brands, is ideal for those small drying jobs, engine bays, wheels, mirrors, headlights and grille surround where water likes to hide – corroding in silence and ready to streak the moment you drive away. The perfect car detailer.

The SideKick is also ideal for drying motorcycles be it sportbike or custom dripping in chrome. The dryer will More >


Burton Power can now supply the latest K&N wrench-off oil filters for a number of popular Ford applications.

Each canister oil filter comes with a hex nut welded to the top of the canister so it can be easily wrenched-off with a standard tool. A hole is drilled through the wrench-off nut to secure the oil filter with a safety wire that is required in many types of racing. The canister features rolled threads to help prevent stripping and provides a smoother installation.

K&N Premium Wrench-Off Oil Filters are specially designed for high durability and high flow rates in extreme conditions. The More >


The excellent value and highly-popular MIG 135TE welder is ideal for use involving automotive repair and many other DIY jobs. It is very easy to set up and use, with features such as turbofan cooling for prolonged full power welding, coupled with professional style, non-live torches which are distinct advantages to the more inexperienced welder.

This model has power settings from 30-130amps and can weld mild steel up to 5mm thick. It comes in a stylish case with a hinged side door for easy access to the wire reel, which can hold wire sizes of 0.6-0.8mm. The gas bottle is stored More >